Things You Should Know Before Buying an Engagement Ring

January 13, 2022

Have you found the perfect ring for your significant other? Selecting an ideal ring for your significant other is sometimes confusing. You must select everything from the stone, design, and material to the karat and carat. Keeping that in mind, we have ten things you should know before you can get nice diamond engagement rings for you and your partner.

Know Your Karats and Carats

Everyone should know that karats are for the purity of gold, and carats are for the size of diamonds. The segregation also helps because the stone, diamond, and settings are often sold separately. It does make shopping for something under your budget much more accessible. This only means that both are priced separately. Most commonly, you get to know the total price. But if you want to purchase them individually or design your combo, you can. Remember, seeing this differentiation can help you buy a real ring.

Decide the Stone

While diamonds are associated with engagement rings, it is not always the case. Many people now like to wear other stones for their engagement rings. Stones like garnet, sapphire, ruby, etc. Some choose these stones when they associate them with their birthstone. Primarily to balance their life and bring luck.

Knowing your style by trying it out in physical stores is the best option. Sometimes you don’t understand how a piece looks until you have tried them. Experimenting with different stones with different metals can help you with the ultimate feel.

Remember the 4Cs

You already know the karats and the carats. Another basic set of terminologies you should be aware of is the 4Cs. Here is a quick understanding of each term in the 4Cs.

Cut – This helps you understand how crafty the diamond is cut. This cut helps the diamond to capture more light to shine more. Most couples always choose the cut first to make selecting other things easier later.

Color – Pure diamond ranges from pure black to crystal clear. The impurity in diamonds dictates their color. The clearer the diamond is, the pricier it gets. Sometimes a duller color is all you need. The change in color from one grade to another isn’t such a big difference, but the price is. For engagement rings, you should always aim higher than the promise rings. With each new step of your relationship, the ring must be upgraded too.

Clarity – This has to do with the flawlessness of a diamond. The clarity depends on both internal and external.

Carat – Carats are purely the weight measurement. The higher the number of carats, the larger the diamond would be.

Diamonds are priced according to these 4Cs, which helps you understand the quality.

Measuring and Knowing the Ring Size

Don’t forget to measure your ring size. You can measure your ring with the help of a set of measuring rings readily available online. You can go to a physical store also to get your finger measurement. The most common finger size ranges between 5 to 7. Always keep some allowance in size for future-proofing.

The Shape of the Stone and Setting of the Ring

The shape of a stone purely depends on your preference. It should go with your personality. It can vary from round, oval, emerald, or even princess. The setting and design of the stone also help enhance the beauty of your ring. The settings you can choose from can be classic, vintage, modern, etc.

Choosing the Metal

After you are done with the setting, you must choose the metal. The shine and quality of the metal profoundly enhance your preferred style. We highly recommend going for yellow gold or platinum for engagement rings. Both metals are durable. 14k gold rings are the most durable for gold, with a tiny bit of loss on the shine.

Curbing Your Budget

Don’t go overboard by spending a lot on an engagement ring. Going over budget is one of the couples’ biggest problems when buying engagement rings. Choosing metal, stone, and then setting helps you juggle the price. We recommend keeping it under the budget, so you have money to spend on other things. Things like buying an excellent tour for the honeymoon or something for your home.

On average, couples spend up to $12,000 for rings only. It is imperative to know regularly; a 14k ring doesn’t look much different from 18k. If you have already decided to choose an expensive piece, consider financing. A lot of companies provide easy installment plans for their customers. Financing is one of the best ways to acquire your favorite piece.

Pre-Order to Save Hassle

Pre-ordering is not just for on-time arrival; it helps save costs too. Paying well in advance allows you to manage upcoming costs more efficiently. It is also true that some rings’ designs are only custom-made. We recommend ordering your custom ring at least six weeks in advance.

Go to the Experts

An expert opinion is a must when buying such an expensive item as a gift. Please get to know different shops and their employees. Discuss with them so they can clear your queries. Ask for certifications that explain and verify the 4Cs. There are different ways to know the look and quality of a ring. The experts know them very well and are always willing to help.

Your Style is What Matters

Ignoring your style is probably what happens most in choosing an engagement ring. Most couples forget what they want when they start. They veer into the rabbit hole of popular fashion and style and forget their personality. It will be you who’ll be wearing the rings. You, as a couple, should discuss what speaks to you. We recommend having fun and choosing a ring that only fits your style.


Engagement rings have become a universal trend when a commitment is involved. Married couples worldwide choose a ring as their commitment to each other. The selection process is a journey on its own. Now that you know ten critical things when buying, you are set. These things will help you in steering your buying journey for the best.


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