TheOneSpy – Windows Spy Software to Track Employee Performance

November 10, 2018

TheOneSpy Windows spy software has had remarkable achievements over the years. It has got tremendous popularity in the field of monitoring employees at the workplace. The user can supervise each and every single activity that happens on the target windows desktops and as well as on laptops computer devices. Furthermore, the most exceptional thing about the surveillance for windows is its user–friendly interface and the same is the case with the installation process. However, the user can remotely get access to all the activities of the employees within the working hours on the company’s owned Windows PCs. Moreover, the user can subscribe online at a reasonable price.

Employers can monitor emails sent received, monitor the activities in real-time, and last but not least get user–friendly reports of the employee’s activities with a time stamp. Additionally, the user can monitor internet-related delivered activities especially in terms of browsing activities. Now am going to tell you how you can install windows spy software and how you can supervise your employees?

How to install the Windows tracking app?

All you need to do is to visit TheOneSpy cellphone and computer monitoring software official website and subscribe for the Windows surveillance app. Then you will receive an email and you will be able to get the passcode and ID.

Further, you need to have possession of the target windows desktop device and get started with the installation process. Once you did it, then you have to activate it on the target computer machine running with Windows operating system.

The moment you are activating it, you will see the pop–up messages on the screen to make the employee monitoring software sneaky or use it as it is. Then activate it on the target device and use the credentials and get access to the online control panel. Once you have the access to the web portal of PC tracking software for windows then visit the features. Let’s discuss all the features briefly.

Windows spy app features

User–friendly reports

The user can get user–friendly reports of all the activities of your employees on the company’s owned Windows devices. The employer can remotely get access to the delivered activities with a complete time stamp. There are following activities that you can get friendly reports of the following.

  • Top categories
  • Sent/received emails
  • Activity log
  • Alarm logs
  • Productivity
  • Strokes & Mouse Clicks
  • Visited Websites
  • Visited Apps

On-Demand screenshots

You can remotely capture screenshots of the target windows device and get to know what target employees have done. However, the user can set multiple screenshots at once to have more supervision on an employee’s device.

Block Website

The user can block the websites that are inappropriate is time to waste within the working hours. An employer can put the URLs into the filters and target employees won’t be able to access the blocked websites on the windows machine. It means the user can control the browsing activities of the employees and even can stop them to waste time within the working hours. On the other hand, they can make them accountable for doing time-wasting stuff having documented proof.

Mighty Alarms

You can fix the alarms on the activities that are mostly delivered on the target window device. This will let you know what sort of activities target employee has done on their devices. Mighty alarms of the windows spyware provide alerts to the employers.

Offline Online tracking

The user can easily perform both online and offline tracking on the target windows desktop device.

Real-Time Monitoring

An employer can use the windows tracking app for laptop devices on the employee’s device and get to know each and every single activity in real-time. This means an employer can increase the productivity of the business and make their employees disciplined at least within the working hours.

Data backup for windows

An employer can protect all the confidential data of the business stored in the company’s owned windows devices. The moment you have activated the windows spying software, all of the data stored in the devices will start syncing to the online control panel. It means whatever happened to the stored data in an employee’s windows computer. You still have a back of all the information.


TheOneSpy computer monitoring software is the best tool that enables a user to spy remotely, in real-time, and as well as perfectly on the target windows laptop and desktop computer machines.


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