The Trick to Making Your Wyze Camera Last Longer

August 4, 2022

Wyze Cameras have revolutionized how people view smart security cameras in general, thanks to their affordable nature and the sheer number of features packed into a single unit. With the Wyze Cam v3 touted as one of the best-selling smart cameras in the US, people have genuine trust in the brand and wouldn’t bat an eyelid to add an upcoming Wyze product to their smart home arsenal.

But just like with any electronic device that boasts a plethora of features, enabling all of the said features will inevitably consume a lot of power and ultimately require you to keep charging up the device frequently, leading to a quite annoying experience.

In this article, we will explore some tricks that you can implement in order to make your Wyze cameras last longer, on an operational basis as well as the life cycle of the product in general.

Regular Hardware Checkups

Since most Wyze users only rely on notifications, it is normal for someone to set up a smart home camera like Wyze for security purposes, and completely forget about it, only to come back much later to realize the camera has not been functioning properly.

The hardware and surroundings of your Wyze camera can play a key factor as to how long your Wyze camera lasts, considering its life cycle.

A power cycle or a hardware reboot can help in solving a multitude of issues with the Wyze camera. Simply unplug or remove the batteries of the camera for a minute and plug it back on. This also helps in solving issues such as the infamous Error Code 90 message code that typically pops up on almost all long-running Wyze devices.

If the camera is placed in a location that is very susceptible to dust and possible weather damage, then there are chances for scuffs or ruptures on the hardware of the camera, leading to possible unwanted elements such as dust or water seeping into the internal components.

Sure, cameras such as the Wyze Outdoor have an IP rating to resist weather conditions. But in the end, they are electronic devices subject to a variety of factors that can prove to be a thorn at the worst of times.

So it is best to give that extra protection to your camera to avoid damage from extreme climatic conditions. Clean the Wyze camera and its surroundings on a regular basis and make sure that the camera is working properly. Like any other device, regular maintenance is key to increasing the lifespan of Wyze cameras.

Using Recommended Settings

The access to the features available on Wyze devices can be a bit overwhelming, but ultimately not everyone is going to benefit from enabling all features the device touts.

The paid subscription service of Wyze, Cam Plus is an excellent service on its own. But it does unintentionally tamper with the mind of a subscriber to use all of the available features simply because they are paying for the service.

But in reality, they might not serve the utility that you assume and can ultimately drain a lot of resources in the process.

Features such as Event/Scheduled recording, time-lapse, and live streams can drain a lot of battery from the camera if they are set to be accessed on a frequent basis.

This is especially relevant in Wyze models such as the Cam Outdoor which houses a built-in battery that can last up to 6 months on a single charge but can be depleted in about 8 hours with features such as continuous recording.

Toning down the settings for these features, such as using the continuous recording modes sparingly can help make the Wyze camera last much longer.

The best way to configure the Wyze camera according to your needs is to initially operate the Wyze cam in its recommended settings, which are usually set out of the box. This is the setting configuration that Wyze uses to achieve the battery life numbers they advertise.

Then adding select features on top of that based on your needs can boost the longevity of the camera drastically without sacrificing other resources. This can also help you decide on whether you really need a Cam Plus subscription, as a lot of basic features are available for free and most users would be content with it.

Using Official Cables and Peripherals

The quality of the cables and accessories that a Wyze device utilizes are just as important as the camera itself. This is a necessity that is often ignored by most users.

If the default power adapter that comes in the box shows the first signs of wearing out, it is best to get them replaced immediately, preferably from Wyze itself. Third-party cables that cannot draw and transfer the power needed for your Wyze camera can ultimately damage the camera in the long run.

Always use connecting cables provided by Wyze, or from a reputed brand that explicitly states it supports your specific Wyze camera model.

The same quality check applies to external peripherals too, such as a wall mounting kit or solar panels. The accessories available directly from Wyze are specifically designed to support their own models, and therefore are much more reliable than the generic ones you can find on other marketplaces.

Final Thoughts

The average life cycle of Wyze devices according to most users is about 3 years. While this might not seem like much at first glance, when you factor in the price of the camera you realize just how much value it brings to the table, especially compared to its tech giant competitors.

By properly maintaining the device, along with some carefully implemented tricks, it is possible to further extend its lifespan.

The only sacrifice you might need to consider is the rapid advancements in technology that you might notice in future products, but that is a much smaller price to pay than what you must have spent on your Wyze camera.


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