The Top Must-Try Productivity Apps for Android

August 12, 2023

Productivity can be one of the most challenging aspects of the office. You want to provide your team with all the right tools, but you have to dive through a myriad of resources and figure out what works best. Chances are your team has their own devices, which means you need tools that will be accessible and compatible no matter what type of device they are using.

This guide focuses on productivity tools designed to work with Android devices. Forget the limitations and discover apps that are perfect for your team. We’ve got some winners below!

1. Spike

Spike is the ultimate collaboration tool for Android devices, and it can be used from any type of device. The tool is known for its integrative email-to-chat features, but it has so much more to it. Bring your team together to collaborate and communicate with ease. You can work through tasks without having to switch from app to app.

Create a space for your team and come together. The cool thing is you can have different team spaces. You can also communicate and coordinate with other contacts outside of your team space. Everything comes together in a single feed, so you don’t lose your tasks or messages. The app is all about focus and bringing teamwork to the next level.

2. Forest

The forest is a fun way to maintain focus. Plenty of focus apps are designed to hold a worker accountable and ensure they can focus for a set time. The forest is unique because it grows a tree on the app as you focus on your work. You choose the timer for your focus, and the tree grows within that time.

If you try to leave the app or do something else on your phone, you stop the tree from growing. It’s so easy to try to focus but then have the impulse to pick up our phones and scroll. But with Forest, you will pick up your phone, see the growing tree, and return to work until your timer is done. After all, you don’t want to kill the tree.

3. Notion

Notion is a collaboration tool that is all about project management. Where Spike is a collaborative teamwork tool, this one focuses on combining notes and tasks for a specific project. Team members can share documents and updates on their tasks here. You can even track and manage certain tasks and monitor overall performance.

When you have a specific project, it just helps keep everything together for you. This app provides flexibility while managing every detail of your projects in motion.


Taking meeting notes or recordings and then organizing and comparing notes can be challenging. This app allows you to take both audio and video recordings and transcribe them into something useful. The cool thing here is you can even narrow it down and look for a specific part of the recordings when needed. For example, you remember talking about Project A but can’t remember where it was in the meeting. Type in that key phrase and the app finds it for you and transcribes it.

Then, you can share these notes transcribed from the meeting itself. And you don’t have to go back and listen to the entire meeting again to do it!

5. Make

You most likely have processes and workflows within your team. Tracking and managing each workflow step becomes challenging when spread out in different parts of the country. However, Make helps to simplify that. This workflow app allows you to set up workflows with fun drag-and-drop visuals.

Your team can manage and monitor workflows to know what happens next and what stage of the process is occurring. It’s a simple app that integrates easily and requires no coding to get set up.

6. Pocket

Do you easily get distracted by articles or mundane items that you want to look at but don’t immediately need? This is where Pocket comes in. When you have articles or sharable materials that you want to hang on to, you can put them in your Pocket to save for later. The benefit is that they aren’t in your way now, but you can access them whenever necessary.

When you’re ready to look through those things and have some spare time, open up Pocket and start making your way through them. You can adjust and delete as you are ready.


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