The Role of Corporate Travel Booking Companies in Business Travel

September 30, 2023

One of the most essential aspects of business travel management is cutting costs and saving money. For most travel managers, a big challenge is booking flights and hotels. They should understand their employees’ preferences and ensure they are within company policies. They also need to find cost-effective options. However, with the help of travel technology, today’s travel booking process is much easier. One such solution is corporate travel booking companies and platforms.

Every year, there are 445 million business trips taken worldwide. Business travel is rising, so now is the time to consider your future business travel program. Hiring a business travel management company can help you manage your corporate travel needs.

Corporate travel booking companies and their role in business travel

A corporate travel booking company is responsible for helping organizations plan their events and business trips. They take care of all the business travel booking processes. Their functions include making bookings with hotels, flights, to and fro transfers, and car rental companies.

Cutting costs and better travel deals

Many corporate travel booking companies have deals with airlines and hotels. Hence, they will give your employees the best prices on flights and hotel stays. When you use a travel management platform, your company can save money on flights and booking fees. Plus, your booking tool can remind your staff to book ahead of time, which is essential for saving money.

Professionally planned itineraries

If you prefer planned business trips, corporate travel booking companies will help you make the most cost-effective and efficient arrangements. They will help you find flights that fit your schedule and preferences. They can even help you save money by creating an affordable accommodation package. Also, their travel assistants can guide you in modifying bookings without losing money in cancellations. On the other hand, if you go through the airline company directly, you could spend a lot more money.

Compliance with policy

A business travel management company will provide booking tools to manage this process and make it easier for employees to get pre-trip approvals and stay compliant. You can set up the booking tools according to your travel and expense rules, and after that, you’ll only have to show your employees options that meet the policy.

Supposing an employee tries to book a trip against the policy, the booking tool will flag it and take it out. Thus, it offers the employees the option to re-book it within the policy.

Stress-free travel and customer support

Sometimes, business travelers need a helping hand. Over the years, travel companies have become experts in providing unique services like lost baggage help, car rental help, and special requests. And as the corporate travel world would say, there’s no better way to handle a situation than talking to an expert who knows what they’re doing. Travel can get complicated, but knowing you can access support from a trained travel professional 24/7 can make all the difference.

Seamless processes

In ancient times, booking flights and hotels were a hassle for employees, who had to go through many options to find the perfect one. It was time-consuming and took up a lot of their time when they already had a lot of other work to do.

But now, you have travel management companies that offer booking tools that make it easier. You can combine flights and hotels into one package, so all your employees can make travel and stay plans with just a few clicks.

Provide advice

It’s easier to predict how a hotel will be once you’ve stayed there. Reviews online are only sometimes accurate, and your preferences can change while trying to find the best deals. So, booking can be a hassle. If you want to book a business trip, a business travel management company is a lifesaver. They know all the ins and outs of business travel, and they’ll usually be able to give you great advice on the best hotels and flights.

Corporate travel booking companies have the know-how on which hotels to recommend and which to avoid. This knowledge comes from years of experience booking, arranging, and talking directly to travelers about their stays and experiences. If you’ve had a hotel room that could have been better, you can rest assured that the traveler will give your company feedback to ensure future travel arrangements meet their corporate travel policy.

Duty of care

Your job as an employer is to ensure your employees are safe when they go on a business trip. Since corporate travel management companies use a one-stop shop for booking, your travel managers always have access to your staff’s travel plans. Features like tracking travelers and keeping an eye on risk alerts make it easy for your travel managers to find your employees, talk to them, and help them when needed.

Customized solutions for unique needs

If you’re a business traveler, you know how important it is to have a business travel management company that can provide unique solutions and meet your needs.

That’s why you should be able to count on them to go above and beyond to ensure your travel needs get met. Some travel companies offer personalized service and even have tour managers when you need to organize a group trip. Not only do they cater to your needs, but they can also provide all the other services you need when you’re on the road, like applying for passports, bookings, rentals, insurance, and vaccinations.

Provides data analytics

When you look at your company’s travel booking info, you’ll get helpful information about how your staff travel. You’ll know how quickly they book, what hotels and flights they like, and who spends the most on travel. All this can help you streamline your business travel management and save money.

But, retrieving and organizing all this data by hand can be a hassle. Corporate travel booking companies will give you the tools to break down your company’s booking info into custom dashboards and reports so you can get a better understanding. They may even provide actionable advice from a virtual travel consultant.

Final thoughts

If you ask any business traveler what they want, they’ll probably say they want fast service, good value, and a hassle-free travel experience. Corporate travel booking companies like ITILITE cater to your specific travel needs. If you wish to make your travel management process more efficient, investing in a corporate travel booking platform is the way to go. It’s a great way to rest assured of the most updated features for your employees and travel managers.


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