The Role and Importance of Maintenance Management in Businesses

August 9, 2021

Some individuals think maintenance management is only about fixing the broken items and restoring them into their initial form. On the contrary, it runs throughout an asset’s lifecycle to ensure it functions effectively and does not experience downtimes during its service life. Therefore, it is beneficial for businesses to considering their machine usage and risk-based maintenance to ensure they get value for money.

The Role of Maintenance Management

In the modern era, there are new techniques that businesses can employ for their maintenance management. Gone are the days when personnel would record on actual papers and find it challenging to find the data when they need it. On the contrary, digitizing maintenance needs allows companies to identify and flag risks before they happen. Some of the fundamental goals to proactive maintenance practices are;

  • Ensuring assets are operational; hardware is critical for industries, and when the machines are not working, businesses lose money. Preventive maintenance will gear towards limiting downtime due to faulty pieces of equipment through engaging in continuous care. It entails inspecting assets regularly to identify risk factors and their frequency. Planning for maintenance will be easier when you have the information about the risk before it happens.
  • To increase the asset’s service life; assets are prone to degradation the more you utilize them. However, preventive maintenance can minimize mileage effects and keep the machine functioning at optimum for longer. On the other hand, lack of care can reduce the service life of the equipment, consequently leading to loss of money.
  • Aids to minimize downtimes; planned maintenance can guarantee that machines do not have downtimes. In addition, it allows businesses to avert a crisis when business activities stop because of malfunctioning equipment.
  • Ensures efficient utilization of assets; training workers on the best ways to use machines limits their risks of breaking down. Every company should have the policy to ensure the proper utilization of company assets for better productivity and efficiency.
  • It reduces the expenses on maintenance; the long-term costs of purchasing an asset include its subsequent maintenance expenses.  However, preventive care can reduce the costs of fixing machines as it limits the issues from happening in the first happening. It will be cheaper to repair a part than waiting for the entire system to fail.

The Importance

Generally, most frameworks for overseeing maintenance have been manual. Unfortunately, these strategies are not viable anymore, and businesses need to adapt. Although they were once the only way of monitoring maintenance, the advancement of machines necessitated the use of digitized maintenance assessment and management. The main objective is for businesses to minimize warehouse losses as it is costlier to neglect your assets.

Below are reasons why maintenance management is essential;

Averts future costs on fixing; research shows that a person can save on future expenses to repair broken equipment if they engage in routine care. On the other hand, an untimely breakdown is a sure result if you do not proactively prevent the risks. The costs to fix will be considerably higher than what you would spend on upkeep.

Allows personalized approach; hardware is getting more computerized, and so is mechanization.  It means every business has its unique needs depending on its resources. However, maintenance management allows you to customize the service according to your business need. Therefore, it is vital to train the staff on the approach and what to look out for in maintenance. They are the ones with hands-on experience of company assets.

Saves time; preventive maintenance will decrease chances of breakdown and loss of time from such an incident. Furthermore, inspections and preventive care take less time than it would take to fix a piece of broken equipment. Finally, planning can help you order parts before it breaks down, reducing the waiting time to ship parts if you cannot find them nearby.


Maintenance ensures hardware is safe to use. In addition, it will protect the employees from risks of injuries from accidents.


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