The New ‘IT’ Summer Jewel – Everything You Need to Know About Tanzanite

June 9, 2022


It is the summer season, and you must be hearing the sweet melodious songs of birds and the windy tree noises. But are you also hearing the sweet song sung by Tanzanite stones? This is an emerging fashion trend among various women to wear this astonishing blue rare earth stone called Tanzanite. Women prefer to wear Tanzanite in these summer times since it’s a bright color blue stone and it goes best with various summer dresses too.

So, while blue Tanzanite jewelry items are back in the spotlight, they have always had a loyal fanbase ever since they were discovered in the 60s.

Fancy-colored blue Tanzanite jewelry items brighten up any women’s wardrobe and create a sense of lively focal point for its owner.

The sunny vibes that these blue Tanzanite stone rings, necklaces, and earrings radiate off actually enhance your natural beauty and are a brilliant way to express your unique personality to the world.

How Do Tanzanite Stones Get Their Bearings?

Actually, Tanzanite forms as a brownish crystal and is trichroic, meaning it has three different colors, namely brown, blue, and violet, all at the same time.

How this is achieved via a process called metamorphic heating. This is exactly why finding a solid blue color for Tanzanite is very difficult, and most are just violet with a slight blue tinge.

Rarely gem-quality tanzanite will heat to a primary green hue, almost always accompanied by a blue or violet secondary hue. The green tanzanite may have some meaningful value in the collector market but are of little interest to jewelry buyers. People only prefer blue or violet Tanzanite jewelry.

Since these two colors have always been the preferred choice, most Tanzanite pendants and necklaces have been in this color only.

The Tanzanite Cut:

Like most gemstones globally, Tanzanite stone is also cut in Jaipur, India. It is fine craftsmanship like these that makes the Tanzanite stones more eye-pleasing and beautiful in the eyes of the onlooker. The cut refers to the angles and proportions of a Tanzanite.

For example- see any high-end Tanzanite pendant, you will see that its cut is perfectly proportional to its dimensions, and its weight is balanced out.

The depth of the cut of tanzanite and the uniformity of the facets determine its beauty. In addition, the skill with which a Tanzanite is cut determines how well it reflects and refracts light.

Tanzanite’s Clarity:

Tanzanites are actually very much prone to internal or external flaws. These flaws are called Blemishes and are only visible under a microscope. Usually, these flaws are not visible to the naked human eye. But internal flaws need at least a 10x zoom microscopic lens to be spotted.

For example, in large tanzanite stones, you can see that it’s clear and mystic from the outside, but if you look at it closely under a microscope then, you will see a slight degree of blemish. This is because since it is a natural stone, it is totally natural for it to have some blemishes or marks. But if the mark is very high, then its price will be lower.

Tanzanite’s Jewelry Range

You can find Tanzanite jewelry in a variety of shapes and colors depending upon its texture and blemish. For example, there is a $100 Tanzanite pendant and a $1000 Tanzanite pendant too. It all depends upon the stone’s unique texture and blemishes.

But if you are wearing a smaller Tanzanite earring, then you need not worry since the smaller size of the stone is not going to get as much notice among the crowd as a big pendant. Instead, people will notice the bluish violet color of the earring, and upon extremely close inspection, they will see the stone’s quality.

However, things change if you are buying a Tanzanite necklace or pendant. This is because, in necklaces and pendants, it will be very clearly visible if there is any quality downgrading in the stone. Hence always buy clear-cut and well-polished Tanzanite stone necklaces and pendants to avoid any embarrassment.

For Tanzanite bracelets, you should always try to find one with other stone beadings surrounding it. This is because Tanzanite, like a tennis bracelet, will go with only a select few summer dresses, but if you buy one with a Strontium Titanate or other gemstone beadings, it would indeed look good on most summer dresses.

Regarding occasions to wear Tanzanite, you can wear it in any semi-formal to casual events but remember to pair it with a Sterling silver or white gold chain material to bring out its color’s highlight even more prominently.


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