The importance of having a translated website to succeed in your business

January 22, 2022

The globalized world in which we live today has changed the rules of the game of commerce. Today, companies no longer compete only at a local or regional level, but also at a global one. Nowadays, companies aspire to market their products or services around the world, seeking success by being known by their potential customers in the international market.

It is thanks to the Internet and the connectivity that is available around the globe that this exchange is possible. No matter what the company does, to succeed it must use all the channels offered by the internet (website, social networks, etc.). Potential customers are no longer only those who live near the company, but the whole world.

Logically, it happens that the vast majority of companies publish their websites in the language of the country from which they originate, and in some cases, the website has the option of translating the page into only one other language of the most known or spoken worldwide. This is a big mistake. Most people ignore the importance of a company’s website is available in different languages. It is essential that a company’s website is well translated, at a professional level by companies that are dedicated to this type of work. There are many agencies dedicated to offer language services in New York and all around the world so that the visibility of every company can grow higher by being consulted in several languages.

Benefits of translating a website into several languages

It is important to note that it is not only about attracting a larger number of potential customers, or making a company better known, it is also about targeting different types of audiences.

You have to take into account that the purchasing power of potential customers is not the same in all countries; for example, people in the United States do not have the same spending power as people living in England or France. It is essential to open up to other markets as it can mean a higher number of sales.

Considering this, translating a company’s website is not an expense, but a great investment. Requesting language services in New York or in other countries can mean huge benefits for the company.

Forging a good image for the company

Another very important aspect to take into account is the image that the company intends to have. Offering a well-translated website to customers provides a prestigious image to the company.

In this aspect, it is important to emphasize that it is necessary to hire a professional service to translate the company’s website in the right way. It is not the same as opting for Google translator which, although it may be a useful tool in certain situations, is not the most appropriate for companies that aim for certain corporate standards.

Offering an automatic translation implies that the site would be translated literally, which often ends up being incorrect since it does not convey what the company really wants to say. That is why it is important to invest in translation since we are talking about the company’s image and prestige. An automatic translation done by Google is not the same as a translation done by professionals who can interpret and adapt the text to different languages without changing the message, making contents understandable with native language and local expressions.

In order for the company to generate an image of great professionalism, efficiency and quality, it is necessary to offer services or products in a wide variety of languages, at a professional level. Therefore, it is essential to leave this work in the hands of professionals who provide excellent quality work and not in the hands of automatic translators who can make the company look bad.

Choosing the market to reach: Which languages to translate the website into. 

Of course, it is unthinkable to translate a company’s website into all possible languages, considering that there are currently about 7,000 different languages.

That is why it is essential to consider which are the markets the company wants to reach and based on that consider which would be the most necessary languages to offer in the translation of the website.

The most important thing is not to have the site available in many languages, but to have the right languages translated to perfection. Therefore, once the company can determine in which countries it will market its products, it will know to which languages it will have to adapt its website, in addition to the most popular and most spoken languages in the world, logically.


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