The Future of Tech for Dating Apps – 5 No-Brainers

September 27, 2023

Time marches on, and so does technology. What are good and successful trends today will not be very soon from now.

This goes for dating apps like Hily app just as it does for any consumer marketplace. And let’s face it. Users of dating apps are consumers – it’s just that the “product” is a bit unique, a romantic and/or sexual connection.

So what are the tech trends that we can count on for dating apps in the future? There are plenty, so here goes.

AI and Machine Learning

These are often called the “digital twins” because they work in tandem. There will continue to be more sophistication in their use so that greater specificity of data can be used to track user behaviors and provide a lot more accuracy in matching. And what naturally comes along is the ethical use of AI to protect user privacy and security. New disruptions in these “twins” are not going away anytime soon.

Low Code and No Code Development

This of course refers to developer skills. And this disruption will bring more cost-effective development to dating apps. Let’s summarize.

Now, full code development involves writing code from scratch, and that is the modus operandi for dating apps right now. Designers and developers respond to the demands of app owners by developing code for features, user interfaces, payment protocols, safety and security, etc.

But now, there are other approaches to building software via platforms that allow those with minimum or no coding skills to deliver on many of the app’s needs – especially visual tools, code templates, and drag-and-drop capabilities. All of these things are less dependent on coding from scratch.

Low-code developers have minimal coding skills but do not need to have the skills to develop from scratch.

No-code developers have quite literally no code-writing experience but can use these newer platforms to design software that can be incorporated into an app’s existing infrastructure.

Most apps will use both full-code developers for more complex tasks but will save money by using low- and no-code developers for other needs.

And as these coding platforms become more sophisticated, the use of non-skilled code writers will only increase.

Try Before You Buy

So, here’s a feature that a huge number of retailers already use. It incorporates augmented and virtual reality into consumerism. Right now, you can paint a room in a color you are considering, place furniture in a room, go to a virtual fitting room to try on clothing, or visit a resort and experience all of its amenities. All of this is possible, of course, because of AR and VR. Suppose you and a dating match could meet virtually – at a coffee shop, bar, or beach and have a virtual date. Suppose a holograph image of a person you met online might show up in your living room. How about a virtual vacation together? How much further AR and VR will go is not known, of course, but the possibilities are almost limitless.

Passwordless Access and Identification

Passwords are rapidly becoming obsolete. With all of the new technology now available, biometric access to accounts and identity verification will become commonplace on dating apps. This will not only further protect users but reduce access and hacking on the part of robots, tolls, and others with false identities.

Increased Use of Gamification and Entertainment

Dating apps will need to keep users engaged and entertained in many ways if they are to keep them as clients. The use of games, online parties, concerts, and other events will give users opportunities for cool experiences and to meet each other. The more that dating apps can offer, the more users will stick around. And the more users stick around, the more they will use other monetized products and services.

Is This All There Is?

Of course not. As stated above, technology marches on. It’s difficult to imagine what the future of tech will bring to the online dating world. Stay tuned.


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