The Best Ways to Submit Your Essay on Time

December 22, 2021

Sometimes writing an essay isn’t the hardest obstacle students face in their studies. It’s the time management and submitting all essays on time that really bothers them. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, though. All young people are notoriously famous for being bad with time. However, such fame shouldn’t be their sentence. There are ways students can submit essays on time without having so much trouble. Let’s learn some easy tips on always being on time with the homework.

Plan your time right

Working on an essay is a long process that requires at least several stages. A student who cares about submitting essays on time should plan out time for each of those stages well. Thus, your number one priority should be planning your time right. However, it’s not as easy as it may sound. First of all, a student needs to know all those stages and how much time it takes from them personally.

For example, let’s talk about research. This is a crucial part of any essay writing process. However, not many young people can succeed at research on the first try. It’s especially true for college classes as each instructor usually has their own view on what sources can and can’t be used in their assignments. So, a student should learn about the source’s recommendation first. In case this step is missed, one may lose time on using wrong sources and unreliable data. Next, most research will require some knowledge of academic online libraries. Finding information there can be tricky and time-consuming unless students know their way around there.

In addition, the topic of the essay also influences the time needed for research. If students are well-educated about the topic, they need less time to learn about it. Hence, planning how much time one needs for researching is already challenging. You need to be generous with your timing and give yourself from several hours to several days on research alone. Unfortunately, many students are too late in realizing how much time research can actually take. Hence, they are always late with their papers because of such a mistake.

However, after research, one must also plan their time to write and edit the work. Moreover, proper planning should also consider the rest of the homework in the given period and the time available for the essay. So students need to be aware of their own skills required for completing an essay as well as their study schedule and time availability. It can be a lot. Yet, with time, you will get the hang of it.

Always outline

Once students have collected all necessary sources, it’s time to write. First, of course, it’s always best to start with an outline. Some students skip this step thinking it’s a waste of time when in reality, it’s quite the opposite. An outline can give you a good idea of how your paper will look like, where your thoughts and evidence should be, how long each section is about to be, and so on. All this information helps you better prepare for the work.

Thus, you can see right away if you have come up with enough paragraph ideas, dates, and evidence to meet your word limit. Perhaps, you have too much, so you can cut it while outlining without wasting time writing more than you need. In addition, you can approach your writing by sections developed in the outline, so you have an easier time planning your time while writing.

Overall, an outline is an incredibly useful tool for all students. However, suppose you don’t know how to do it or have miscalculated your timing. In that case, you can always order an outline from professional writers, like the ones from the essay pro, who are ready to help even under the shortest deadlines.

Make time for proofreading

Another mistake most students make is skipping proofreading in their essay plans. Of course, such negligence will cost them. Proofreading is the essential step in any writing process, including academic writing. It is the writers’ last chance to check papers for any mistakes, errors, and other flaws like wrong format or inconsistencies. An hour of a few hours of proofreading can fix all the imperfections and result in top-notch work. However, one needs to have enough time to do it, right?

The common mistake among students is to submit a paper once they are done writing it. Perhaps some will look through the pages for any obvious errors. Yet, of course, it’s not the best way to do it. All professional writers recommend waiting about a day before returning to a paper for proofreading. Such a method can help you see your work with fresh eyes. Thus, you are most likely to submit a better, ‘cleaner’ paper. So, you should always include one more day before the submission to proofread and edit a paper.

Have a schedule

Last but not least, all students should have some type of schedule anyway. Sending an essay on time can seem like a challenge for those students who live in chaos. People who struggle to remember their deadlines, or even what day it is, are guaranteed to have issues with time management. Hence, you should start with the very core of the problem, which is the absence of a good schedule.

Having a schedule means having certain hours when you wake up, go to bed, do your homework, workout, etc. You follow those hours religiously and form a habit of always being on top of things. Once you master basic time management with the help of a simple daily schedule, you won’t have to worry about missing a deadline. You have already been assigned studying hours and a calendar with all the important dates. As long as you stick to it, you won’t be late with anything ever again.


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