The Best Roulette Strategies

Winning a game of roulette is a satisfying experience that every player deserves to explore. As a result, they tend to go behind strategies like the Labouchere strategy with the hope that they can win the game. While strategies are not a clear-cut route to success, they do help you understand the game a little better.

They help you explore possibilities, options, and much more that are central to a game of roulette. So let’s learn a thing or two about some of the best roulette strategies and look towards sealing the deal.

The Martingale Betting Strategy

The Martingale betting strategy is one of the most common ones that people usually use for casino games such as roulette. It is quite easy to understand and use, which makes it a popular choice among players looking to use a strategy for the first time.

The strategy works by pushing players to bet on a unit and then double the same after every loss. Since you are doubling your bet and waiting for the next move, you would require patience for things to work out.

Moreover, the Martingale strategy is also known to be risky as it brings in a bit of financial burden by pushing players to double the bet after every loss.

The Reverse Martingale Strategy

If doubling after every loss is called the Martingale strategy, then doubling after every win shall be called the Reverse Martingale strategy. This is another strategy that works for players, especially the ones who would prefer a safer option while placing roulette bets.

The strategy is much more suited for outside bets and you need to focus on the game while placing bets. Considering different moves and looking into the same will certainly help you get it all.

So if the Martingale strategy seems to be a risky option, you can consider the Inserve Martingale strategy which is also called Paroli.

Fibonacci Betting Strategy

The Fibonacci strategy is named after the famous Italian mathematician of the same name. Fibonacci, who was known to be a highly skilled and talented mathematician, had introduced a sequence of numbers that also stands as the basis of this strategy.

The sequence of numbers takes course by being the sum of the previous two numbers. As a result, if the first two numbers are 1 & 1, the next would be 2, followed by 3, and so on. Hence the sequence would look like the following.


The betting system takes shape with even chance betting which can be used on Red/Black and Odd/Even among others. You will have to start by betting one and then working your way through the complete sequence.

Whether it is an online casino or offline, you can use this strategy with ease and complete the process in the right manner.

Labouchere Betting Strategy

The Labouchere betting strategy is an interesting one and requires you to really learn the process if you are going to use it. It begins by taking into account a particular sequence and understanding the profit and the amount of stake from that sequence.

For example, if you play roulette online and want to use the Labouchere Betting strategy, you would first require a sequence. Let us consider 1-2-3 to be the preferred sequence where the potential profit is 6, which is the sum of the sequence.

So each time that you bet, your stake should be the sum of the first and last number of the sequence. As a result, 4 is the stake for a sequence such as 1-2-3. If you end up winning with this stake, you can remove the first and last number from the same.

However, if you lose, you will have to add that amount to the sequence making it 1-2-3-4. While some belief it to be complicated, others prefer to use this strategy while sitting at the roulette table.

To understand the process in detail and look towards implementing the strategy in the right manner.

D’Alembert Betting Strategy

The D’Alembert betting strategy is another one that many tend to rely on when they feel the need for a proper system to come into place. The betting strategy was named after Jean-Baptiste le Rond d’Alembert, who was a French mathematician known for bringing d’Alembert with a breakthrough in physics.

Understanding his strategy is quite important in examining the roulette wheel and assessing your options before placing bets. So if you were, to begin with, this strategy, you will have to start by choosing a base unit as the stake.

For example, let’s assume you choose £1 as your stake. If you lose the bet, the next stake would be £2, meaning that it gets increased by £1. And if you lose again, the stake would end up being £3. However, if you win, the stake will be reduced by £1.

Hence, that is the D’Alembert strategy and it is an important one that requires your complete attention.

Tips to Follow While Using Roulette Strategies

If you are ready to use roulette strategies, you also require a few tips as they come in line to help you understand the process in a better manner. So go ahead and read a few tips that need to be understood while using roulette strategies.

  • Choose the right strategy

From the Martingale strategy to the D’Alembert strategy, there are over 5 important strategies for you to choose from. While they all have the same objective in mind, they do things differently.

As a result, it is important to choose a strategy that you understand and prefer. If you are finding it difficult to understand how to blend these strategies with the game, you require a quick guide to play roulette that begins things from scratch.

  • Understand the financial implications

Every roulette strategy brings in certain risks excluding the risks that are already a part of the game. So understanding the same and looking towards implementing it in the right manner are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

These risks remain the same regardless of the kind of platform that you choose to play roulette. So a mobile casino or an offline casino is not going to matter because risks are bound to appear.

  • Practice

If you plan on using a strategy, it is always better to practice the same before implementing it. In this manner, you can understand the problems that come with it and what you need to do to prevent them.

Since understanding problems and solutions make the process as exciting as classic roulette games like roulette simulators, you can certainly make the most of the process by practicing it before putting it up on the big stage.


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