The Best Destinations for Traveling and Gambling

April 28

If you love gambling, it can be an added attraction for you when you travel to any of the casino resort holiday destinations. It does not have to be only Las Vegas since there are many cities across the world where you can enjoy different attractions and recreations, including gambling. Sin City is, of course, a must-visit and should be on top of your list, especially if you enjoy gambling.

Today all casino enthusiasts get their share of gaming through online sites. When you are not traveling to your favorite casino destinations, you can enjoy gambling on different casino websites. If you are unsure where to sign up, go through the best online casino reviews to know which websites have the best promos and games to offer.

Las Vegas

This city is considered a mecca for all casino and gambling lovers. It is known to have over 70 casinos for visitors to explore. Indeed, The Strip is what most people love to discover, having casinos and lavish resorts located across a four-mile stretch. Among the numerous resorts, you can consider Golden Nugget, Suncoast, and Westgate hotels with casinos to stop by this year. After the global pandemic, not all properties have opened up, but there are many that are worth traveling to Las Vegas for. You can also stop by Streetmosphere at St. Mark’s Square or plan a day trip to see the Grand Canyon nearby.


The capital city of the UK is worth a visit at least once in your lifetime, being one of the iconic and historical capitals of the world. From the point of view of gambling, there are destinations that you can visit here. Of course, some are temporarily closed since the global pandemic. However, places such as The Hippodrome casino and the Grosvenor casino are known to be gambling destinations among UK residents and travelers. Standard places of attraction here include the London Eye, Trafalgar Square, Harry Potter, and Warner Brother’s studio, Tower of London, among others.

Reno Nevada

This is another gambling destination in the US, especially for those who wish to visit casinos in a city that is not as crowded and bustling as Las Vegas. Reno in northern Nevada has about 20 casinos and is less chaotic than Las Vegas. However, the gambling atmosphere is electrifying. Along with that, you can enjoy views and sceneries around Lake Tahoe. Indeed, there is much that you can discover in Reno; it is The Biggest Little Town in the World. You can stop by casinos such as Silver Legacy resort, Diamond’s casino, Gold Dust West Casino, and others. You can also explore the Riverwalk district downtown, where you can stop by Wingfield Park, Old Post Office, and Virginia Street Bridge.

Monte Carlo

This place has been the destination of many stories, especially centered on gambling and casinos. Indeed, many James Bond movies have been based around this classy destination. It is known for sophisticated, high stake casinos, many of which are iconic historic landmarks built in the 19th century.

If you are traveling to Monte Carlo, know that visiting casinos here is a classy affair, including formal dress codes. Pack in a suit and be ready to meet glamorous, rich, and wealthy people who frequent casinos in Monte Carlo. Here notable gambling places are Casino de Monte-Carlo, Casino Café de Paris, Sun Casino, and others. You will also enjoy strolling the charming streets and exploring historic architecture at Monaco Ville.


This is probably the second most popular gambling destination in the world, after Las Vegas. It flaunts a different culture, being the only legal gambling space in China. Macau’s casinos see a large amount of money being gambled, and half of the economy here thrives from the revenue that comes in from the casinos. Large casino floors also exist here, some spanning over 376,000 square feet. Many have over 640 gaming tables as well as 1760 slot machines. Make plans to visit Casino Babylon Macau, Venetian Macau, and Casino Golden Dragon here. You can also stop by the Ruins of St Paul’s, Monte Fort, Senado Square, and other places.


This island country is known for many tourist attraction places, and some high-end casino resorts exist here as well. Gambling is licensed in certain parts of the country, such as Marina Bay, where you can visit Marina Bay Sands Resorts. Here you will find four levels of gaming which include over 2300 slot machines and 250 game categories to choose from. It is a three-tower building with a rooftop pool that allows visitors to enjoy wonderful views of the city skyline. Marina Bay area also includes the Marina Bay Sands hotel, another casino destination for gambling lovers. You can also visit the entertainment island, Sentosa, where there are casinos housed as well.


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