The 6 New Mercedes Technologies You Need To Know About

November 27, 2021

Mercedes’s motto is “the best or nothing”. This is especially true of them as they’re leaders as far as automotive tech and luxury are concerned. Today’s Mercs have features that’ll make it to regular passenger cars in ten years.

To maintain their position as tech advancement leaders, there’s always news of new Mercedes tech for their vehicles. These technologies can make the cars more user-friendly, more sustainable, or improve the user experience.

The Future of Mercedes Benz

The brilliant minds at Mercedes tend to make it all-electric by 2030. The company plan on spending around $40 billion to fund their research centered around electric vehicles and their technologies.

As a result, there’s already an all-electric Mercedes range beginning sales in 2022. It’s called the Mercedes EQ. This has futuristic models of their current lineup. All the cars revealed are better versions of their petrol counterparts.

The Newest Mercedes Tech

The following are some features you’ll find (or soon find) on the latest Mercs:

Mind Control Self-Driving

Self-driving cars are all the craze right now because of Tesla. It uses AI to drive the car while the driver sits and relaxes in the driving seat. Mercedes is also developing a great autonomous driving system. But how will it be better?

The answer to this was revealed at the IAA Mobility show of this year. The German automakers are developing a system that will read the driver’s thoughts. It will use a brain-computer interface (BCI) to do this.

The signals from your brain will be transmitted to the car’s dash. This will help it make decisions. In return, you won’t have to touch anything to make your decisions. This was displayed in Mercedes’s Vision AVTR concept car.

In-Car Payments

Digital payments have been revolutionized heavily during the past decades. From being able to make transactions using your phone, you will now be able to do it via your Mercedes vehicle.

That’s right, Merc are developing an in-car payment system in unison with VISA. This should make online purchases a lot easier. The system will store your data in a cloud (all encrypted for the security of course).

To activate it, it will use your fingerprints so there won’t be any PIN codes required. But what if your car is used by more than one person? In this case, it will store multiple fingerprint data so all the users can make their payments.

So, the whole process becomes a lot simpler whether you’re shopping for your daily items or ordering parts for your car from:

3D Dash Cluster

Dash and gauge clusters have received heavy innovations in the last decade. These clusters show important information that the driver needs to know about. But the problem has always been regarding distractions.

As a result, Mercedes have added an optional 3-dimensional cluster to the newest S-class. This will make the cluster more visible and prevent the loss of concentration from driving as well. It is cool yet a great safety feature.


This is where the Mercedes EQ range really looks like it has traveled back from the future. The Hyperscreen dwarfs all of Merc’s rival infotainment setups. Large screens are becoming the norm but there’s no screen larger.

It essentially consists of three different screens. These begin from the gauge cluster and go all the way to the end of the dashboard. The total length of this screen is 56 inches. It makes the car looks like a plusher spacecraft.

Automatic Doors

We all were amazed when BMW revealed their self-closing or soft-closing doors to us. 20 years later, Mercedes is now offering automatic doors in their EQ range. This is a feature to provide the users with maximum comfort.

The handles of the door will extend when they detect the driver. As the driver gets closer, their door will automatically open. The users can also close the doors using just a touch. All this is done via actuators and sensors.

Fake Vehicle Sounds

This isn’t a new feature in the automotive market. But it is brand new when we talk about EVs. One of the problems that automotive enthusiasts have with EVs is their sound or lack thereof. The Merc EQ tends to fix that.

This is why your EQ car will allow you to choose your vehicle’s sound. It will give you a range of different exhaust notes. You can choose the one that suits your liking. You can enjoy it in your cabin as you hit the throttle.


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