The 3 Pillar of QuickBooks Hosting: Scalability, Support, and Security

June 17, 2022

QuickBooks is the only accounting software that has made the coveted change in how to maintain an account. This innovative software began as accounting software to meet the accounting needs of individuals and families and quickly became the benchmark for the accounting software industry. After QuickBooks became popular with SMBs, CPAs, accountants, and accountants, many other companies entered the market, but 10 years after they entered the market, QuickBooks accounting software still dominates the market.

But cloud computing was a surprise to everyone when they thought that desktop-installed QBs were the only future of accounting. Cloud computing platforms quickly became a new norm in the accounting arena, and after recognizing the many benefits of cloud solutions, people began migrating from desktop-installed QBs to QuickBooks cloud hosting.

Currently, QB dominates the US market with a market share of over 80%, and most users prefer QuickBooks cloud hosting over other versions of QB and other accounting software solutions.

The main thing you should do is to select the best QuickBooks Hosting Services and then host the QB software on the cloud provider’s cloud server. In addition to the cloud-based benefits, you can get many other benefits at a very affordable price. This makes the cloud version of QB better than all other formats.


QuickBooks cloud hosting perfectly meets the needs of scalable business solutions. This is because if you choose a QuickBooks hosting provider, you don’t have to be bound by any kind of contract and you are no longer bound by your cloud provider. You can easily scale up or down your cloud needs without having to switch cloud providers to match your needs with your business solution of choice, such as QuickBooks cloud hosting.


Without a simple customer support team, running a solution in an enterprise would be complicated and the support system for any service could be considered the backbone. A good customer support team will try to avoid problems as soon as possible. The same thing happens with QuickBooks cloud hosting solutions. With QuickBooks Cloud Hosting, users can access their files from anywhere on their Windows 10 Cloud PC at any time and if a problem arises, the good support team solves your issue instantly.


All companies have seen how 2018 turned out to be a year of cybercrime and hacking. As a result, most companies are now very conservative about the security of their data in the digital world. From ransomware attacks to other major threats, most organizations today are aware of the risks associated with data security and are not willing to risk them now.

QuickBooks cloud hosting provides extremely watertight security for your accounting data. As the cloud is improving day by day with the latest security measures, it is still very difficult for even top hackers to compromise the data stored in the cloud via QuickBooks cloud hosting.


When it comes to the best accounting software, QuickBooks Enterprise is the right software to help you keep up with a thriving business.

That’s why it is recommended to go for an Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider like Apps4Rent who will also guide you on services to migrate email from hosted exchange to office 365. These providers will provide you with that freedom and have no negative impacts on your data or performance.


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