The 10 Best Summer Hair Accessories for Girls

July 31, 2021

Nobody likes sweaty hair with no style on a hot sunny day of summer. Hair accessories can rescue you from experiencing a bad hair day. However, you should know what kind of hair accessories you should use in summer.

We have compiled a list of the best girls hair accessories for summer this year. If you want to stock these hair accessories, then you should check a wholesale marketplace.

Let’s check the list below to know more about the latest fashion hair accessories for girls:

1. Scrunchies

Oversized scrunchies are the must-haves for every girl this summer. Besides printed scrunchies, you can get the organza ones. The cloud-like transparent scrunchies look super cool and adorable. To go with your formal wear, you can also choose the matching scrunchies with extra shinier organza.

2. Extra-Wide Headbands

Those days are gone when you used to wear extra-wide headbands just for athletic activities or facials. Using different kinds of ultra-wide headbands is the latest fashion trend. You can either use the plain ones that match your outfit or the ones with attractive prints.

3. Retro Driving Scarves

Old school girls were used to wearing soft scarves to protect their hair while driving. Well, that trend is not entirely gone. You can wear soft scarves whether you are driving or not. These scarves look cute, especially when they are paired with accessories.

4. Pearl or Beaded Hairband

Pearls are one of the most sophisticated gemstones that almost every woman has in her closet. A pearl or beaded hairband may seem simple, but it can change your style statement. You can wear pearl hairbands with a formal dress for a fancy dinner party. Besides pearls, you can get beaded or diamond hairbands to complete your look.

5. Wild West Hats

The girls have been rocking the chic cowgirl look with their wild west hats for some time now. You can see these hats in many Hollywood movies. The fashion of This wide-brimmed hat came from Europe, and we have got to admit that these hats do look adorable.

6. Stone-Studded Letter Hair Pins

Stone-studded letter hairpins are among the latest fashion hair accessories. These shimmery letter hairpins do not fail to show your sassy side. These pins are a little extra, so you need to make sure that you are plain otherwise. These pins will look best with a fashionable outfit. You can choose one pin or two with wise words that describe you the best. That will be enough to make a strong style statement in a crowd.

7. Braided Headbands

The braided headbands are also one of the latest fashion accessories this year. These headbands look super gorgeous and stylish. You can use these braided headbands to add some glam to your otherwise plain outfit. If you purchase braided headbands in pastel shades, then you can use them with almost every outfit.

8. Printed Head Wraps

Headwraps or bandanas are great hair accessories for girls, especially in summer and spring. You can wear cute printed headwraps with t-shirt dresses, long shrugs, and maxis. Headwraps are not only comfortable but also fun to experiment with. A cute bow-knot at the top will give you a cool and classy look.

9. Bow Clips

Bows never cease to look cute on a girl’s hair. Bow clips are among the must-have hair accessories that a girl should own. The bow-shaped clips possess the old-world charm, but when you get a printed bow clip with an attractive design, then they look super fashionable.

10. Novelty Bobby Pins

Last but not least, novelty bobby pins are the simplest and minimal fashion accessories on this list. However, this hair accessory is both nifty, quick and effortless. You can use these novelty bobby pins with every outfit that you own. Whether it is a formal or casual outfit, these bobby pins will give you a perfect hairstyle in no time.

Bottom Line

Styling your hair becomes easier when you use hair accessories. With the help of these hair accessories, you can save time and give your hair a chic look. We hope the list mentioned above will help you select some of the best girls’ hair accessories for summer.


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