How to Fix Surface Pen not Working in Windows 10

October 16, 2018

If you are using Microsoft Surface then chances are you are facing this issue. The issue is with Surface Pen. Many users are facing Surface Pen not Working issue after installing new Windows 10 update. If you are a Writer or Painter then you are using a Surface pen in your work but after this new update, Surface Pen is not working for many users on their Surface Tablets. When you connect your Surface pen, it won’t respond. The issue is very irritating. Here we are going to share each and every possible way to Fix the issue with your Surface Pro and Windows 10.

Microsoft has introduced Surface Pen last year with Surface Pro Computers. The Pen is an ultimate device allow you to experience the modern way of writing, drawing and create 3D graphics. You can take notes and capture your thoughts quickly using Surface Pro Pen. So many users are facing issues like surface pen not writing but buttons work, surface pen eraser not working and surface pen not working with paint.

Fix Surface Pen not Working in Windows 10

Till now Surface Pro is one of the best devices from Microsoft with new feature and new gadgets. After installing new Windows 10 Creators Update, many users find their Surface Pro pen no longer working with Paint App. These solutions are tested and working for many users to try them one by one and see if your issue is fixed or not.

Surface Pen not Working
Surface Pen not Working

Method 1: Battery

Sometimes there is an issue with the Surface battery. You can try to reinsert your battery and then check again if Surface Pen is working or not.

Step 1: Remove the cap of Surface Pen and then remove the battery.

Step 2: After a few seconds, Insert the battery and then also fit cap.

Step 3: Try your Surface Pen and see if the problem resolves.

Step 4: If it doesn’t, you have to try with new AAAA battery.

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Method 2: Update Surface Pen driver

If you have installed new Windows 10 update and still using old surface Driver then chances are due to driver incompatibility you are facing the issue. So, first of all, try to update drivers.

Now you can easily download and install new Surface Drivers from Microsoft website. Or you can use 3rd party driver update tool to automatically update drivers for Windows 10.

Method 3: Repair devices

Step 1: Open Settings > Devices.

Step 2: Make sure the Bluetooth is on. Select Surface Pen > select Remove device.

Step 3: Press down and hold the top of your Surface Pen for around 5-7 seconds.

Step 4: Go to settings and then Bluetooth > select Surface Pen and select Pair.

Hope you have successfully fixed Surface Pen not Working issue with Windows 10. If you need any more help then comment below.


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