Supercharge your iPhone with this one simple secret!

November 27, 2021

The first iPhone was released on June 29, 2007. Upon release, tens of thousands of people waited days before the launch to purchase the device. The first prototype had been invented 20 years earlier, in 1983. Since then, more than 1.9 billion iPhones have been sold. Successive launches have been increasingly successful, on the first weekend the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus were launched, 50 devices were sold every single second. Apple shipped 206 million iPhones in 2020 alone. It is estimated that today, more than 1 billion consumers use iPhones globally. More than 100 million iPhone owners are located in the United States alone. Impressively, it is estimated that 94% of all profits made by the smartphone industry globally go to Apple, despite the firm only being responsible for 13.5% of smartphones shipped globally in Q3 2015.

As impressive as these facts might be, there are some lesser-known fun facts iPhone owners might enjoy. Every advertisement featuring an iPhone has the time set at 9:41. When Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone, the local time in San Francisco was 9:41. It is estimated that developing the iPhone costs around 150 million USD. Verizon and Cingular Wireless both worked on the project secretively. It is reported that about 56% of iPhone users continue to use the iPhone and get the latest models whenever a new one is released. There’s a meaning to the ‘i’ preceding Apple devices. When Steve Jobs announced the iMac to the world in 1998, he noted the ‘i’ stood primarily for ‘Internet’. Finally, although the iPhone was released in 2007, Apple had been working on the project since 2005. The project was incredibly secretive, operating under the codename ‘Project Purple 2’. Only a handful of engineers and employees knew what the project was!

Today, millions of people across the world own iPhones. Many are active users, meanwhile millions have old devices tucked away in draws. Whichever you are, your iPhone can be supercharged. There’s a simple secret all iPhone users can take advantage of. In as little as 6 hours you can increase the value of your phone, make it easier to sell, save yourself money, and make it more travel friendly.

The secret all iPhone users need to know …

I remember when I reached the end of my first mobile contract. Friends had told me you could keep the device and use it with any network if you unlocked the smartphone from the carrier. Simple as it might sound, this was no easy feat. Then—as is often the case today—carriers would prefer the device stay locked to them. The longer this is the case, the more likely it is that users purchase packages from them. Unlocking the device took several days. Following several trips to a carrier store and a hefty bill, the device was mine. Today, companies like DirectUnlocks make this process a whole lot easier, offering customers the ability to unlock their devices whenever they wish.

Ease notwithstanding, many smartphone owners don’t understand the benefits of device unlocking. It’s the industry’s best-kept secret. Truly, there is no easier way to supercharge your smartphone today. In a nutshell, there are three main benefits. First and foremost, unlocking your device increases flexibility. It means that you—or a prospective buyer—can choose from any SIM-only provider when seeking out data packages. These providers are often competitively priced and offer great deals. Further, the SIM-only market is competitive too, meaning you can shift providers whenever a better deal becomes available. Opening up your device to these providers also means your device is more attractive to buyers, so much so that they’re usually willing to pay 20-30% more. Whether you plan to keep the device or sell it on, unlocking is a no-brainer. Finally, traveling with an unlocked device is easier and cheaper than one locked to a network. Networks often charge extortionate roaming charges. Once your device is unlocked, all you need to do is find a local store and purchase a pre-loaded SIM from a local provider. Once this is in your phone you can use data and minutes just like the locals, saving a ton of money on roaming bills.

So, if you want to know how to unlock iPhone carrier in as little as 6 hours, head over to DirectUnlocks. It’s incredibly simple. All you need is your device IMEI. Once you enter your device IMEI, you can activate a simple unlock remotely. The days of having to visit a physical store are a thing of the past, today it’s convenient and simple. For a long time, locked devices were a real pain for consumers, most simply accepted a lower sale value or found themselves stuck with high monthly charges. In a highly competitive market, the power is with the consumer. Remote device unlock complements this competitiveness.


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