Steps You Can Take to Keep Pests Out of Your Home This Fall

June 2, 2021

Ants, fleas, bedbugs, and other pests invade homes during fall to seek warmth and more comfort. They can cause damage to your furniture, clothes, and foodstuff. Some of these pests are also responsible for the spread of diseases and causing allergies. They also cause discomfort and maybe embarrassment too. To avoid that, you can take a few steps to block their entryways or use an advanced pest repeller plug-in to keep your home free from pests. Even rodents, mice, and insects are more common during the fall season. Though pests may still invade your home during summer, they crawl to your home during winter to avoid the harsh cold season.

Homeowners should take preventive measures to curtail pest infestation and rid their homes of any existing pests. A thorough inspection of your home can help you identify the steps to take to keep your home pest-free.

Some of the effective pest control measures you should take to keep them away

Seal off cracks and other entry points

Pests crawl into your home because during the cold weather, it is difficult for them to find food and keep warm. This means they have to come to your home to counter this challenge. The first step to keep pests out of your home is by sealing holes, cracks, and other openings to keep them away.

Here are some ways to seal off entry points of pests into your home:

  • Weatherproof doors and windows and repair the weather-stripping.
  • Check for cracks around bathroom and kitchen fixtures and caulk them.
  • Monitor light leaks and exterior openings.
  • Opening and closing of doors and windows.

By sealing off the entry points, you prevent rodents from crawling in. Closing the windows before dusk keeps mosquitoes and other insects away. Take suitable measures to prevent condensation and moisture retention around your home. Moisture coming through the attic, drainage pipes, and ceiling leaks encouraging mold and pest infestation. Chimney protection through the installation of caps and protective screens can help prevent the entry of rodents and birds. Such pests may have flea infestation too, and that may cause havoc in your home if they spread to the living room and bedrooms.

Use pest repeller devices

There are specific repeller devices for different pests, but all work through sound emissions to disturb and scare away the pests. The main advantage of these is that it is an all-natural pest control method. No chemicals are used and this means it is a better pest control method that does not cause chemical reactions or allergies. There are many electronic pest repeller options, and choosing one may be challenging. A few tips you should consider when choosing one are the warranty, brand reputation, and what pests you wish to control. The cost, safety, and distance they will cover are other considerations. The mode of operation could be plug-in or corded. Regular reviews and reading the repeller manual will help you know specific pests that it applies to and how to operate it.

Waste disposal and management

All waste disposal bins should remain closed all the time. Recycling bins should be cleaned and stored away from the house and the garage. The garbage scent attracts pests. This can cause the pets to spread to other areas in your home fast, making pest control more challenging. Remember to clear mulch, debris, and leaves around your lawns and the backyard as they act as hiding places for pests. To get rid of existing home pests, clean up your home and the garage regularly. You should also manage the flower garden and ensure that there are no bushy thickets for pests to breed and hide. It is advisable to trim trees and branches around your home as they could make it easy for entry of pests to your house through the chimney, windows, and any openings on the roof. We recommend Minneapolis arborists for tree trimming.

Avoid habits that attract pests

Food storage options can make pest entrance easy. Investing in high-quality food storage containers makes it impossible for weevils, ants, cockroaches, and other pests to access food. Clutter around your home shelters pests and encourages the breeding of such home pests. Checking storage spaces for grains or wardrobes at intervals can help you notice pest existence and seek pest control management before they run out of hand. Firewood also provides comfort and food to gnawing rodents and ants. Storing firewood near your house is a pest infestation risk as it makes it easy for pests to enter the house.

Enhance pest control measures

Even after adopting the above pest control measures, some pests may be persistent, and you have to identify ways to get rid of them. Cockroaches and bedbugs may cause mayhem in your house and may become resistant to most pest control measures.

You may adapt any of the following pest control methods to counter this:

  • Use of effective pesticides for specific pests
  • Biological pest control to suppress pest population growth

Bio pest control involves the introduction of predators or plants that repel certain pests. It relies on a natural mechanism such as parasitism and predators to get rid of pests. Keeping cats around your home can help get rid of mice. There are some plants that emit scents that repel certain insects.  Lizards are also effective in cockroach control.

Seek professional help from pest control services

A pest infestation gone out of control may become resistant to all pest control methods. The last resort could be to find an expert in pest control. They will inspect your house and compound the best way to prevent further pest infestation. They will also use appropriate methods to get rid of existing pests.

When choosing a pest control service provider, you should consider the following:

  • Company certifications and experience
  • Customer reviews and feedback
  • Professional training of the technicians
  • Pricing
  • Guarantees and after-sale services
  • Safety measures regarding pesticides and other pest control measures the company takes

Your home is a place for comfort and relaxation. With a pest infestation, it can be challenging to enjoy spending quality time at home. The above steps can make it possible to get rid of pests and prevent future pest infestation.


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