Sony’s Aibo Robot Dog is back after 11 years With New AI Upgrades

November 3

Sony's Aibo Robot Dog is back

Sony’s AIBO robot dog is back after 11 years, and that’s the big news. Sony has never failed to surprise its patrons, and when it comes to technology, there’s no stone left unturned to launch something that might have only existed in imaginations. Sony started creating entertainment robots in 1999 and continued with its production for an ongoing seven total years, throughout which it sold around 150,000 units in Japan. The production had to be ceased for the struggle faced in electronics business due to market wars with the competitive Asian Rivals. Entertainment robots were no more in production, but this din’t cause any halt in the development of AI and robotics, which kept continuing.

The company had always held its trust in its production called AIBO, and decided to relaunch it with features that add to the amazement that already existed. The new version is much cuter, and of course has specifications that launch a bundle of surprises for its customers. The Robo dog can respond to human actions, revert to the voice commands made, sit, bark, play and wag its tail to show his emotions. The CEO expressed his belief in AIBO and had it in his plan to relaunch the Robo-dog that’s capable of building relationships and express love to be an integral part of the family that decides to own it.

New Artificial Intelligence Upgrades in Sony’s AIBO Robot Dog

aibo robot dog features

The new version has come up with the new actuator technology, which is basically meant to make the robot move smoothly and respond to the instructions quickly, making it all look like the communication done with real natural dog.

The advance sensing AI technology, allow the robo-dog to sense smiles, detect the word of praises, and pick and remember actions that praises its owner. This is also more affection and love is seen to exist between the Robo and its owner. The dog eyes are made of OLED, (organic light emitting diode), that allows it to display diverse emotions introducing more naturality to the complete machine. The new AIBO is seemingly the first smart robo-pet to connect to the cloud, and a self-dedicated smartphone application, which of course adds more keys to enable easy communication.

This time the company aims at getting great responses from the market overseas, and of course would put forward its development to make profits bigger and better than before. AI has been looked upon as a pillar of growth for the company, which in future would be targeted and taken in consideration to collaborate with major technologies prevailing in the online world. The new Sony robo dog would be available in Japan in 2018, for 198,000 Yen. Now celebrate this news as much as the company is celebrating it.


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