Some of the unknown facts about Betway that make it one of the most sought-after gambling companies

February 18, 2022

In the world of online betting, companies must try to provide better products for their customers all the time if they want to remain popular. Due to the fact that this is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the world, thousands of gambling websites do everything they can to lure new clients. As a result, every established brand has to improve its platform and offer players better products.

Some of the world’s oldest and most reputable operators, such as Betway, offer all the modern “bells and whistles” you can find while using an iGaming website. Although many people use this bookie daily, some decide to visit the Betway login from article before registering because it provides a step-by-step process for creating an account. After reviewing the steps, people can sign up and start betting within seconds. This is when they will discover that Betway is home to every popular section, loads of features, and an abundance of promotions.

Apart from the things mentioned above, Betway offers many other things that make it one of the preferred options for experienced and novice punters alike. Let’s take a look at a few of its hidden gems.

The language options

Despite the fact that Betway is popular in the UK, the website is available in several other countries worldwide. Unlike many of its competitors, this operator always tries to obtain a license from a given jurisdiction to offer its services. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that the platform also provides different language options.

Every online punter in Ghana or any other country around the globe can utilize Betway’s services in English. Besides being some countries’ official language, English is one of the most spoken languages globally.

Fortunately, Betway has several other tricks up its sleeve when it comes down to the available languages. For example, punters in South Africa who have a Betway account can choose from Zulu, Xhosa, and Sesotho. In other words, local iGaming fans can use their preferred option while enjoying some of the best betting sections in the world.

The odds format is something that many people take for granted

Everyone who likes Betway will notice that the platform is home to an impressive number of betting sections. Despite that, the site is mainly known for its top-notch sports betting category. The latter consists of the most popular sports and offers an impressive number of events. Needless to say, the sportsbook is also the place where people can expect to come across an amazing selection of markets and good odds.

Speaking of the devil, most online betting websites in Ghana and other places only offer one format. Usually, companies focus on Decimal (especially those in Europe), but there are places where people can only wager using Fractional odds.

The good news is that people with a Betway account don’t have to settle for something they don’t like. Unlike other companies, this one provides both Decimal and Fractional. Feel free to try both of them and see which one you like more.

The blog

Aside from the language options and the odds formats, another thing that many people might not be aware of is that Betway has a blog. Everyone interested in betting in South Africa has the chance to access the Betway Inside blog and find different news and other important information that can help when deciding which sport and team/player to bet on.

Interestingly, the blog is divided into numerous subcategories. Besides learning more information about soccer, you can also check a variety of other sports, such as horse racing, basketball, golf, and more. Furthermore, the blog will grant you access to some of Betway’s ongoing competitions, as well as other important information related to the brand’s activity. Once you come across something interesting, follow the steps that will help you create your Betway account, and you will have access to the brand’s incredible options.

A handful of “ how-to” guides

Although there are several companies that are as big as Betway when it comes down to the things they offer, they don’t have that many clients. One of the reasons why this is the case is because of Betway’s how-to guides for bettors in South Africa and customers worldwide. These articles are aimed at people who don’t have a lot of iGaming experience, which is great because most new players fall into this category. Even though Betway has been around for several years, many online bettors are yet to use its services.

People who decide to access the “how-to” subcategory will come across a variety of things. For example, they can learn how to reset their password, make a deposit, use Bet Games, make a withdrawal, play live games, and more. This section even contains information about USSD betting, How to build a bet, and a couple of other things. In other words, even online bettors with some experience can find loads of helpful information.

Betway has a strong social media presence

Another unknown fact about Betway is that the operator pays a lot of attention to social media. Everyone who has some kind of business knows that utilizing things like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is of utmost importance. Those places allow you to reach out to loads of new customers, especially in countries such as Ghana, where millions use social media daily.

Despite the fact that those things have a positive impact on most businesses, only a handful of online betting companies take advantage of it. The good news is that Betway is one of them, so don’t be surprised if you come across its official page. Speaking of that, make sure that you follow the company’s official accounts because there will be loads of fake profiles.

Betway has numerous sponsorship deals

The last information that we’d like to share with you about Betway is the company’s numerous sponsorships deals. Many people don’t take this into account when choosing a gambling website, but the fact that a given company has so many sponsorship deals is a clear sign it is legit.

Unlike some brands that only sponsor specific matches or leagues, Betway decided it should be on another level. Consequently, the team helps numerous world-class football teams, such as West Ham United, Levante UD, Aduna Stars FC, Express FC, and more. Needless to say, Betway is also an important player in the eSports industry because it sponsors some of the best CS:GO teams.


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