10 Sites like WorldStarHiphop [Crazy WSHH Alternatives]

December 3

Looking for Sites Like WorldstarHipHop? Only know about Bitchyourfamous and looking for more? We have collected and compiled a list of 10 Best Sites like WSHH. WorldStarHipHop, is a unique content-aggregating video blog website, that was started in 2005 and has gained so much popularity among teens and young adults. This website is a pure 100% entertainment package.

Worldstarhiphop posts videos, collected from all around the world- from actual issues in the world to weird incidents and funny moments, it’s all here at WorldStarHipHop. This site, is specifically infamous for its violent fight videos like- police brutality, public shaming, child shaming, and child abuse, which have also been the reasons for several controversies relating to it.


I am here to tell you, that WorldStarHipHop is definitely not one of its kind anymore, because the internet is flooded with video blogging websites that are as good as this particular one. Bringing you some more websites with hip-hop content, that gets your funny bone tickled, here are the Best Website Alternatives to WorldStarHipHop. 


1. AllHipHop.com

This WorldStarHipHop type website is actually a number one alternative to it, as its video content is sensational and hip! It is no coincidence that AllHipHop.com has found itself on the top of the list for Top 10 Websites Like WorldStarHipHop.com.

CNN, The Source, XXL, Complex, New York Post, New York Daily News  and all these big names use AllHipHop.com for content. The site has connections with many offline newspapers, magazines,  television and radio outlets.

It has kept up its standards since the day it was born, i.e. 1998. It actually tends to get better and better and never disappoints when it comes to media, news, funny, interviews, reviews and loads of more videos.


2. VladTV

To be completely honest, this WSHH alternative seems to be way more popular than the website itself. It gives you all the urban news updates, Exclusives, Lists, Music and Breaking News, that you need in a day.

The reason why VladTV is super popular is because it is the world-wide leader in Urban news and exclusive interviews.  Its a really comfortable kind of a website with a simple and chilled-out User Interface.


3. Poppinmedia.com

This worldstarhiphop alternative is an extremely fun and exciting video content website. It has actually proved to be a lot better with content and jokes and memes when compared to WorldStarHipHop.

It contains loads of content on HipHop Artists and lifestyle on it, so Hip-Hop lovers are going to absolutely love this to the core!


4. HipHop DX

It is the number 1 website for Hip Hop News, Interviews, Music and everything you need. Started on 19 July 1999, this website alternative for WorldStarHipHop has just gotten better and better .

Nobody in the market represents hip hop culture and rap music like HipHopDX. It notifies you with the latest hip-hop news, album reviews, interviews and much more.


5. UnderGroundHipHop

Next on the list for Websites like WorldStarHipHop, is Underground Hip Hop, which is severely lit! started in 1997, it is a one-stop destination for amazing Hip Hop & good music.

It provides users with a dynamic insight to high-quality Hip Hop artistry by transforming the upcoming and the established artists, whilst including the trendy and the classic and all of the diversity that gives meaning to the global culture of Hip Hop. Headquartered in Boston and beyond, UGHH™ is the home for a great Hip Hop sub-culture that comes together to share and experience this expressive art form.

They also sell some really cool HipHop Clothing and merchandise that you will totally vibe with!


6. Boo Boom TV

This website, is an alternative to WorldStarHipHop but its content is a world apart and a world better than the other websites, because of its unique nature.

The videos are not just about music or hiphop, they provide a really realistic and holistic approach.  At the same time, they provide a good balance of  Hip-Hop and humorous content at the same time.


7. XXLMag

XXLMAG.COM focuses more on providing information regarding Hip Hop artists, their lifestyle and their news. The content is comparatively less impressive than the other websites on the list for the Top 10 Websites like WorldStarHipHop.

The good thing is that it is easy to access and good interface. You don’t really need a magazine, if you are a regular at XXLMag. It keep you updated with the gossip !

8. BitchYourFamous

Who doesn’t love loads and loads of gossip about your favorite artists? Good or Bad, we love it anyway. BitchYourFamous is a badass website that provides some really uncensored content on its blog. I really wonder how they dig so deep into gossip?

This WorldStarHipHop alternative provides updates related to fights, crimes, accidents, and under ground Hip-Hop and also some useful news updates for the same. The way the content is drafted and written, is also a class-apart which makes it way more interesting to read.

Other then that, the stuff is updated very regularly, almost on a daily-basis. So, no day will ever be boring now.

9. DatPiff

This WorldStarHipHop alternative website gives a lot of attention, mainly to music streaming, reviewing and getting latest updates related to it. You will be notified in this way- “This week top charts” and “this month top charts”.

You can review the songs you like and the whole DatPiff community can check out and know whats on your mind. If you love the hip hop music then this is a good place to be!


10. Real Shit Nig*a

I will completely stand with what their name suggests, this WorldStarHipHop alternative is definitely the “Real Shit.” It is all the entertainment that you will ever demand for.

From fashion content to sports news to Hip Hop artists, they have covered it all under one roof.

10 Amazing Sites like WSHH

To sum up all the top 10 websites like Worldstar to quench your thirst for funny and intense video vlogs, look below!

  1. AllHipHop
  2. VladTV
  3. Poppinmedia
  4. HipHop DX
  5. Boo Boom TV
  6. UGHH
  7. XXL MAg
  8. Bitch Your Famous
  9. DatPiff
  10. Real Nigga Shit

While, WorldStarHipHop, does the cake away for the best video blog website due to many reasons, these 10 Websites similar to WSHH, just miss the mark by a bit. There is no reason why you shouldn’t surf these cool websites to while away your time, in search for some bone-tickling entertainment, right?

Just start from the top and scroll your way, have a great time with these WorldStarHipHop.com Alternatives


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