10 Best Sites Like Thinkgeek for Nerdy Shopping

October 5

Are you a Nerd or a Geek? Do you want to know some websites like Thinkgeek that offer items just for you? Find out 10 Best Sites like thinkgeek that you must start using today.

ThinkGeek is where all the geeky, sci-fi movie and comic enthusiasts can come out in the open and proudly shop for official merchandise and much much more. ThinkGeek is obsessed with creating authentic and unique clothing and accessories that stimulate their fans’ imaginations and fuel their nerdy pleasures.

At ThinkGeek, you can shop by interest – like the specific characters or movies or series and also by categories– bags, accessories, clothing and even gadgets! Exciting right?


10 Sites Like ThinkGeek

While you may be able to find most of the things that you are looking for here, we bring to you some other websites, similar to ThinkGeek. Because we want you to have a larger variety and the best merchandise at the best prices, to quench your thirst for your geeky imaginations and your need to look super cool with amazing Graphic T’s.

So, if you are looking for something geeky, for yourself or your friends or relatives, get onto these websites, to find the best gift ever!

Let’s begin our list of Top Sites like Thinkgeek.

1. JINX: Get Rekt

One of the most common name after Thinkgeek is JINX.

Nothing much really needs to be said about Jinx. They have achieved that “Nirvana” stage of coolness. One look at their website itself, is enough for you to have a glance at its amazing and unique designs and creativeness. Clothing is a specialty, but they also look after your accessories, toys and action figure needs.

So why wait? Get onto JINX right now and add all these amazing merchandise to your collection of geeky stuff. Flaunt it, like you are proud of it.

Visit JINX.

2. Archie McPhee

Looking for  some funny gifts, toys and novelties? Archie McPhee is where you need to be!

They have funny categories for stuff they sell, like the ones by theme- rubber chickens, big-foot, cats, unicorns, JP Patches, underpants, pickles and on and on goes the list. If you want to move out from the normal and buy your lovable ones a very strange but cute gift, like character shaped air-fresheners or a Styrofoam Cat Head, Archie McPhee is THE place for it!


3. Epic Giftables


Yes, they do live by their name- Epic Giftables. A variety of geeky merchandise and weird products that will definitely amuse your loved ones when you gift it to them.

They offer a large option of games, toys, clothes, accessories, bags, gadgets and accessories even for your computers. It will definitely tempt you into buying something for yourself. So, beware!

4. Bless This Stuff

Another great website like Thinkgeek is BlessThisStuff.

The reason, why we should definitely “Bless this stuff” is because there is 99% chance that you won’t find these things very easily around you or on other websites. The quality it provides is A1, because the prices aren’t exactly subsidized.

Unique stuff, for different needs like adventure sports, clothing, shoes, travelling and other hobbies all selected from across the globe from different manufacturers and sellers, brought under one website “BLESS THIS STUFF”

Sounds really cool, and it most definitely is !

5. Cool Things

The concept of this website, is very similar to Bless This Stuff. It is basically a web magazine with all the new trends and products available across the globe and links to purchase them from sellers across the map.

It doesn’t only focus on the present and the future but also on all the classics in the past, to bring back old memories, it provides insight on how to get your hands on some classic gadgets like the Sony play station classic, used in the 90s or the Classic Nintendo versions.

So if you are a collector, looking for some specific models- this is your opportunity!

Unique fashion products, furniture, gadgets and much much more, all at Cool Things.

6. Firebox

Firebox is yet another one in our List of Best sites like ThinkGeek.

Gadgets & tech, Food & Drinks, Games & fun, are just a few things that Firebox offers to its visitors. If you are looking for an unusual and personalized gift for a close friend, who means the world to you, this is the right place to be!

From gadgets to buttons, everything can be customized as per your needs. If you want to make someones jaw drop cool gifts-

7. Split Reason

Just like ThinkGeek, SplitReason is one the best shopping brand for Geeks, Nerds and Gamers.

This clothing company was started in Vancouver, in 2003 and in these many years, it has managed to grapple eyeballs from across the globe. Even though, it doesn’t offer anything apart from clothing like sports-wear, work-wear, night-wear etc. It serves the best of these on a platter.

From Albert Einstein to Star Trek, they almost have it all, on T-shirts! So if you love collecting graphic Ts, you might want to have a look here.

8. The Geeky Armory

This website sorts out unique items – very geeky and nerdy, from all across the globe and brings it all under their web magazine. They provide links and seller contacts, to make it easier for us, to purchase all these cool things, they tell us about.

Don’t you want to be, the well armed nerd?

From geeky superhero costumes to Nerf guns, they have it all here! To know more-

9. Spencer’s

SpencersOnline is another great alternative for nerds.

Sweet deals and amazing offers, on great merchandise like clothing, accessories, furniture for your hostel rooms or dorms, posters, movies, funny gift items, action figures and a lot more. They also have a huge variety of novelty items like lava lamps, body jewelry and lots and lots of items for your sexual pleasures.

If Halloween is near or you just want to dress up funky for a costume party, Spencer’s is some place where you can find the perfect outwear. You will most definitely be the eye candy at the party, because here the trends and fashion are always up to date and to the mark!

10. The Geeky Store

High-tech gadgets and gizmos, from robots to drones, this is where you can suffice your high-budget tech pleasures. Home & office, clothing, gadgets, lego, micro-controllers, RC Toys, photography and hundreds of other categories. And trust me, I am not exaggerating on this one!

They have little things like magnetic key holders or ebony wood ear phones which you won’t really find easily in a normal novelty shop. They might be dealing in large varieties of geeky stuff, but it surely doesn’t compromise on quality, because so far the site- The Geeky Store, has some really good reviews online.

5 More ThinkGeek Alternatives

  1. Dude I Want That 
  2. Entertainment Earth
  3. Neato Shop
  4. The Sharper Image
  5. Wish

So, that was it, 15 sites like ThinkGeek. We will, leave you now to select your favorite ones from these websites. Hopefully, you shall find exactly the kind of things you are looking for and if not, then just customize and personalize, to give it the personal touch!



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