Should you update to iOS14?

October 15

iOS 14 is finally here- ready and available to download, but before hitting the download button, make sure that your phone device is compatible with the latest update. If you still sporting iPhone6s and above generation of iPhone that was released in 2015 and up to 2020, then rejoice!

Downloading the iOS 14

First of all, you need to back up your device before proceeding with the update. It will give you peace of mind just in case anything will mess up while installing. Go to the settings of your phone, then tap on your name, then choose iCloud. Tap the iCloud Backup, then press the Backup Now. Once everything is backed up, you can now proceed to download the iOS14.

To download the iOS 14, go back again to the Settings, tap the General, then press the Software Update. It will automatically look for an update then a pop-up will notify you that you can download the latest iOS. Press the Download and Install button. Input your passcode if it is needed, then voila! It will begin to download. It might take a while, so you need to leave your phone charging while doing the installation process.

Another option you can do is to update by plugging your iPhone right into your computer. Suppose you have a macOS Catalina 10.15. Tap on the Finder. Meanwhile, if you are using a macOS Mojave or a PC, you can click and open the iTunes.

The Features

Now that you have it, here’s a rundown of some of the kick ass features that you might like too!


There’s a significant change in the messages, and it’s nearer to be like WhatsApp; thus, it will be more useful because of the added features. You can put an image for your group chat conversation. You can also direct specific messages to particular people by using the @ symbol. You can also pin at least nine conversations that you are often reverting to. You can also directly reply to a particular message in an in-line thread, just like other chat applications. It will make it easier to monitor and track messages conversations.

App Clips

App Clips are mini-apps that appear whenever you need them—no more downloading of application that you used once and then never delete.

Siri Updates

Whenever you need a virtual assistant, Siri will never occupy the whole screen; instead, it will display a small animation at the lowest part of the screen display. It will also allow you to send audio messages to your contacts directly from Siri.

Incoming Phone Calls

With the latest iOS 14, you can now ignore an incoming call and continue whatever you are doing with your phone without having to wait for your iPhone to stop ringing. Incoming calls will no longer take the whole screen anymore, just like Siri.

Translate App

With this useful app, you can now translate voice, photos, or text into 11 different languages without requiring a data connection.

Emoji Search

You can now open the emoji keyboard on your iPhone and choose the emoji that you need. iOS 14 made it effortless for you to pick the emoji that you want anytime.



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