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April 7, 2020

Who doesn’t like to have a theatrical experience at their own home? At least I do, and I’m sure most of you would also like that. The SevenTorrents is one of those torrent platforms which ensures such a worthwhile experience for its users. However, if you will search for this site you might not find it, instead, you will get various results for SevenTorrents proxy mirror sites.

All torrent sites are trying to keep up with the momentum due to the regular shit down of various sites due to restrictions in geographical areas. But don’t worry as we have always got you covered. You can easily bypass all restrictions, just be careful and follow the instructions.

What is SevenTorrents?

SevenTorrents is a minimalist torrent which offers a high and rich source of movies, TV shows, and much more content. It is one of the safest and popular torrent site which modifies its files to provide high quality and least malicious activity. The interface is clean and safe, while the menu is present on the left side with the list of all the trending movies. It hosts quite a powerful search bar and you will find even movies of the smallest size. And as the site worked to provide its users an ad-free experience, it had to shut down.

SevenTorrents proxy
SevenTorrents proxy

Also just like other torrent platforms, SevenTorrents faced copyright violations, but various proxy sites are a sigh of relief for its users.

SevenTorrents Proxy and Mirror Sites List 2020

There are some legal issues due to which the site becomes inaccessible in certain countries, and if you are reading this article while residing in such a country then you need to read this. Unblock of the blocked torrents is very easy and requires the help of proxy and mirror sites. These sites are exactly similar to the main domain and so you won’t feel that you are browsing any duplicated site.

Why use a VPN?

Online safety and identity are very important. And to be honest, one should always be careful while using a proxy or mirror site. Even though there is nothing much to worry about while streaming and downloading content from the SevenTorrents proxy and mirror sites as it is maintained by the official staff, it is still better to use a safeguard. VPN services are the protection that you need to employ as it masks the IP address and protects your browsing habits. So one of the ways to unblock torrent and download movies is by the installation of a VPN.

VPN encrypts your Internet connection and changes the IP of your system so that it cannot be tracked by your ISP. So an extra layer of security is added.

But most of us do not prefer such services as it affects the download speed. Also, you must choose a premium subscription of VPN for better services which can be costly. So if you are downloading too much content from torrent then we would suggest you use a VPN or a third-party proxy server to anonymously access the Internet.

5 Top Alternatives to SevenTorrents

In case you do not want to unblock the domain and are open to exploring more such platforms, then these alternatives are surely going to help you. These are one of the best platforms from where you can download a wide range of movies, drama shows, and music.


One of the popular download sites from 2008 and still running is RARBG. Here you will find your favorite entertainment files under the .to domain extension. It works on the P2P BitTorrent protocol of file sharing, promoting the utilization of the popular downloader software of torrent file. If you are looking for a genuine SevenTorrents alternative that can provide you with the best quality links then RARG is an amazing platform to try.

Additionally, here you will also get some premium add-ons that improve the downloading process. And if you are not aware of the downloading process, then you will find a short video clip here that will guide yours through the process.

The Pirate Bay

One of the most known names and the biggest competitor of all torrent platforms is The Pirate Bay.  It is the central hub for downloading TV drama movies, documentaries, games and e-books. It has a great range of online content for its users.

Launched back in 2003 in Sweden, this European torrent website is visited by millions of people daily. Such huge traffic has made it a popular and favorable platform to download digital content. However one must be careful of the virus and malicious programs.

Kickass Torrents

Another dedicated online server that offers magnet links to its users is the Kickass Torrents. It is next to The Pirate Bay in popularity. It is a wide-reaching global platform that allows you to explore plentiful categories in which you can search all your favorite content that you want to download.

An added advantage of this torrent is that it offers both magnet links and torrent files that you can share with other users through the P2P BitTorrent protocol.

YIFY Torrent

Another good competitor of SevenTorrents in YIFY Torrent. It is the home to of HD quality torrents that you can download from your house, office or any other place easily. It allows easy access to movies, TV dramas, music, apps, and much more digital content. In 2014, it was ranked 5th amongst the most popular torrent downloading website and is still growing with attention from hundreds of users.

If you are looking for easy-to-handle functionalities and a wide range of downloadable content, then YIFY Torrent is for you.

Seed Peer

If you are new to Torrent and finding the downloading process difficult, then I would suggest you choose Seed Peer. This is the best choice for newbies as it comes with user-friendly functionalities and a decent UI built. It was previously known as the Meganova, one of the best search engines for movies, dramas and various other entertainment media files like torrent categories.

Its vast cataloging interface divided into 8 different categories sub-divided into 6 more sub-categories. It’s thus one of the best contenders and I’m sure you would enjoy downloading torrents with this platform.

Wrapping Up

So, guys, this was all about Seven Torrents and its various alternatives. We hope you have a good time downloading your favorite content, and in case of any issue write to us.

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