Seven Best Mobile Apps Which Are a Must-Have for College Students

February 26

When it comes to studying, it is often easy for students to feel lost amidst the ideas and notes. Hence, we have come up with top application recommendations that can help you make mind maps, flashcards, create citations, and work efficiently.

Today, there is an application for everything, and these apps can make your work more fun, safer, more comfortable, and cheaper.

So, be it your quest to keep yourself fit, revise your notes, take notes, or wake up in time, you have an app for it all.

Here, we have come up with some of the best applications that can immensely help college students.


Evernote is one of the best applications for students and can help you keep all your notes in an organized manner, comments Rebecca, an educator offering do my accounting homework services. She adds that anytime a student comes to her, she advises them to use Evernote. Well, Rebecca, so do we. The most significant selling point of this mobile application is its ability to sync your notes across all the devices. This means that even if you type on your phone, you can access the notes later on your laptop while you sit down to do your assignments.

After the notes are saved in the Evernote application, you can effortlessly search for them by typing any word, which you recall from the text. If you are one of those students who like handwritten notes over digitally typed notes, well, Evernote can help you with that too.

On the application, you can update pictures of your handwritten notes and upload them there. Do you what’s the best part here? If your handwriting is neat and legible, you can even search for the words from these handwritten notes, just as you would in a typed note, and find the particular line or paragraph you need for reference. Another impeccable feature about Evernote is that it gives you the ability to share notes with others.

So, you can send and receive notes effortlessly now.


Want access to some of the top courses from some of the most recognized universities around the world? Try Coursera. The application has access to courses from universities, such as John Hopkins, Stanford, Duke, and many more. These courses are like an online textbook and have multiple video instructions, group discussions, graded assignments, and projects. It also presents to you an opportunity to earn a master’s degree.

In addition to Coursera, there is also a web platform, Fine Grades, wherein you can find online calculus tutors, math tutors, science tutors, statistics tutors, you name it, and they have it. So, if you need subject-specific help, we would recommend Fine Grades over Coursera to you.

People across the world widely use the AnyDo application to organize their tasks. The application is phenomenal for students who like to keep things organized and synchronized. application will synchronize all your tasks to all your connected devices. If you upload a To-Do list on the application, you can access it from anywhere and on any platform. You can anytime add newer entries to the list. The application has a seamless touch-based interface. However, you can even use your voice for task creation.

There is also an option to modify the lists, change the task priority, remove a particular task from a list, or mark any task as complete. For quick and easy access, you can even add the widget to your home screen.


We understand your homework and assignments are quintessential. These become the basis for your marks and grades in college. One way to do your assignments right and fetch good grades to reach out to a professional offering assignment help Melbourne services.

However, if you like to write them yourself, we would recommend using the Grammarly application. The presence of spelling and grammar errors in your essay or assignment is a sure-shot way to lose marks.

So, always run your assignment through the Grammarly application. It will mark all your spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors and save your grades.

In all honesty, it is not perfect, but it is 100 times better than the in-built spell and grammar checker of MS Word.


Mind maps are not something that works for everyone, but if they work for you, there is nothing better than SimpleMind. It can effortlessly help you organize your thoughts. You can find both the mobile app and web platform for SimpleMind. It provides you with all the functionality you may need to prepare a mind map with a pen and paper. The basic version has all the features that you possibly need, but you can get the premium version of the application if you need more. However, our personal belief is that the free version will suffice.


Want to keep all of your assignments under one planner, receive timeline reminders anytime an assignment or homework is due? Well, the myHomework application is just right for you.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Merriam-Webster Dictionary provides you exactly everything that you expect from a dictionary. The app will show you the meaning of the words; you can even learn the pronunciation of certain words, know about some words’ origin and history, and do a lot more.

Further, the app stores the history of your previously searched words. So, in case you forget, you can revisit and check again. In case it gets hard for you to memorize a word, you can mark it as a favorite so you can revisit it anytime you forget. One impeccable feature of the app is the “Word of the Day.” This is an interesting way to improve your vocab.

Further, the application also has some word games for you to check your vocabulary. The free version has some ads, but you can eliminate them at a nominal fee.


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