How to Set Up Gmail in Windows 10 Mail app

June 23, 2020

This guide will help you in every step of your way through adding Gmail to Windows 10 Mail app. This process is very straightforward, and it will make sure that you get the work done right the first time only if you follow it correctly.

Is there a windows 10 app for Gmail?

Windows 10 has new default applications that are incorporated into an OS. The company, formerly known as Modern or Metro Apps, now calls it “Universal Apps” because they work equally well on all devices which run on the new OS.

Windows 10 has included a newer version of the Mail and the calendar apps. They have improved significantly in the Windows 8.1 compared to Mail and the Calendar.

A small note which we usually stressed upon is when the computers are upgraded to Windows 10, and Microsoft account is logged in (which is suggested), the linked email address is added on its own.

And like most users, you may have as many email accounts as you want to it to add. Microsoft makes it a typical case in Windows 10.

Guide to Add Gmail in Windows 10 Mail app

To start, it came upon the mail application. The excellent thing concerning the Gmail app in Windows 10 is that they’re all integrated.

Once you add your Google Account to 1 app, it’ll mechanically be added to the other apps similarly. Also, every app contains links to alternative applications within the sidebar; therefore, change between apps is straightforward.

To open the Mail app, click begin and sort Mail. The highest result ought to be Mail – a trustworthy Microsoft Store app.

The mail application is split into 3 sections: on the left aspect may be a sidebar wherever you’ll be able to see a listing of your email accounts and folders, a quick description of all emails therein folder within the middle, and a full pane of private Mail within the right pane.

Click Accounts within the left sidebar, and then click Add Account within the right panel. A popup dialog seems wherever you’ll be able to choose your email service supplier.

You can add a account, Exchange account, Yahoo email, iCloud email or the other POP or IMAP enabled email account.

In our case, we elect Google. Plow ahead and enter your Google credentials and click on allow to permit Windows to access your email, calendar, and contacts.

If all goes well, you ought to receive a prosperous message indicating that the account has been added to Windows.

All emails in your Gmail inbox currently seem inside the Mail app. By default, the Mail app solely shows you the Inbox folder.

What if you have got complete of Gmail labels? Okay, plow ahead and click on the additional link, and it’ll load all of your Gmail labels, that area unit, mainly folders within the Mail app. However, the panel disappears when clicking, therefore if you ever want access to multiple labels, it is best to right-click and choose boost Favorites. These labels currently seem beneath the Inbox folder and may be accessed at any time.

By default, the Mail app solely downloads emails for the past three months. If you would like to vary it, you would like to travel to Settings. If the sidebar on the left isn’t already enlarged, you’ll be able to expand it by clicking on the 3 horizontal lines at the highest left. Then, click on the gear icon at rock bottom right of the sidebar.

On the proper, a slide-in panel seems wherever you’ll be able to change varied settings for the Mail app. At the top, you would like to click on the accounts you manage.

Next, click on the email account wherever you would like to regulate the settings. In our case, it’s for the Gmail account.

Click on an account, and you may see a dialog wherever you’ll be able to rename, delete, or amendment mailbox synchronize settings.

Clicking thereon choice can load the Gmail Synchronize Settings dialog. Here you’ll be able to select once to transfer a replacement email and whether or not to transfer full messages and net pictures.

Under it, you’ll be able to amendment, and however, typically, you would like to synchronize your contacts and calendar and the way so much you would like to transfer email. The individual choice within the last three months is that anytime, it downloads all emails despite the date.

Finally, you’ll be able to on an individual basis shut email, calendar, or contacts. You ought to note that these settings are adjusted precisely the same as within the Calendar and Contacts applications.

Can’t add Gmail account to windows 10 mail

If you cannot add Gmail Account to your Windows 10 Mail App then chances are your Gmail Password is wrong or there are some sync issues. We recommend you to wait for some time and also before that recheck your Internet Settings.

How do i get Gmail app on windows 10

There is no official Gmail App for Windows 10 users but you can add your Gmail Account to Windows 10 Mail App as we explained above.

Best Gmail app for windows 10

According to our survey and testing, Windows 10 Mail is the best App for Gmail.

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