ScanToPcActivationApp Process: How to Fix/Disable it?

August 30, 2019

The Scantopcactivationapp.exe commonly belongs to software of HP Officejet Pro, HP ENVY and HP Deskjet. It is a part of HP software and doesn’t belong to the Windows Operating System. The Scantopcactivationapp.exe is a digitally signed software. Verisign has certified it and issued it to Hewlett-Packard. The Scantopcactivationapp.exe has a bundle of many HP printers and scanners, drivers.

This article will cover everything related to it.

What is ScanToPcActivationApp?

The Scantopcactivationapp.exe is an executable file by HP Digital Imaging Utilities. It is managed by Scantopcactivationapp. It represents a valid WIN32 application. It is issued to the Windows Operating System when the system is connected to the HP printer, scanner or any other device. It is unessential to the Windows Operating System. It is stacked into Windows Operating System during the boot process. Scantopcactivationapp.exe is distributed in 16 altered versions on the internet. The Scantopcactivationapp.exe is a software component by HP Digital Imaging Utilities by Howlett-Packard.

The Scantopcactivationapp.exe is registered 17% dangerous because sometimes it downloads irrelevant directories and files. This app runs in the background and you can only view the status of the file by using Task Manager. It doesn’t possess any visible window of its own.  

Importance and Working of Scantopcactivationapp:

The Scantopcactivationapp.exe is an essential part of the HP Digital Imaging software. It helps to verify the copy, to see whether it is simulated or fake. It works on the online process and verifies whether the software is genuine or not. Given below is the working of the app:

  1. It first connects to the internet server.
  2. At that time, it verifies whether the user’s software is genuine or not.
  3. It then performs the tasks with the help of users’ activation code.
  4. Itprovides hardware buttons in the printer and scanner to function various tasks like print, scan, delete, etc.

This is not a critically important file on your computer system. Its work is extremely limited, and you can delete it if starts creating bugs in the system.

Errors Caused by Scantopcactivationapp:

As Scantopcactivationapp.exe is an executable file, it is extremely firm to legitimate whether it is essential for your PC or it has malware installed in it. Executable files are absolutely essential for the system. They help to work the computer smoothly. If an important executable file gets deleted subsequently it may cause problems in the functions of the computer.

Executable files are also very risky. Programmers employ them as their gateway to get into our system. They can get easily corrupted, and that’s why they send viruses, trojans, and malware to our system through spam emails and anonymous websites. It leads to corrupted data in our system.

The error messages indicate to us about the function of our systems. Below-mentioned are a set of a few examples of Error Messages:

  • Scantopcactivationapp.exe has encountered a problem and needs to be loaded.
  • Scantopcactivationapp.exe has stopped working.
  • Application Error: Scantopcactivationapp.exe
  • Scantopcactivationapp.exe is not a valid WIN32 application.

error message

Trojans and viruses are harmful to the system because they corrupt all the files. In this case, they corrupt the file and track down each and every input from the computer. It can also track down the keyboard, mouse, and audio inputs and also leak all the information on the internet. It can automatically get connected to the internet and tracks down the history as well. Beware from each and every virus. 

Identification of the Threats:

Underneath are some ways which can aid you to identify the corrupted files in your system.

  • If you plug in HP printer after barely initiating your system, and you get error messages, it is time to check the system.
  • Also, if your computer doesn’t shut down completely, then it is a red signal.
  • If your system gets shut down accidentally and doesn’t turn on when you try to do so.
  • If your CPU usage gets more than 20 %. It never uses more than 10% of CPU usage. This is also an indication of installed viruses.
  • If many executable files are downloaded to your computer. 
  • Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE, if you notice anything else instead of the applications you are working on, then your system is affected by a virus.


How to Solve the Issues related to Scantopcactivationapp?

  • Scan the System

Scanning helps is verification of the files in the system. It clears out all the corrupted files from the Operating System. This helps in generating the system free from all the things which are affected by the virus. Here is how to fix it using the command prompt.

  1. Run the command window as an administrator and type:


      2. Now, press the Enter key.

  • Clear the Garbage Data

There must be  “garbage data” in your computer if it is old enough. In this case, the data gets corrupted easily. Here you can use “Windows Diagnose Tool. and get rid of all the trash data from your system.

  • Disable the Scantopcactivationapp

To disable the app, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Task Manager and click on Startup Items.
  2. There find the Scantopcactivationapp.exe file and right click on that.
  3. Select “Disable it” option and this will resolve your problem.
  • Repair the operating system

Click on the start button. Run command window as an administrator and type the following command 


And then press enter.

  • Update the Drivers

Follow these steps to update the drivers in your computer system:

  1. Right click on the downloaded drivers and select “Properties”
  2. Here go to “Compatibility” and switch to, “Run this program to Compatibility Mode.”
  3. Then apply these settings and install the file.


This was all the information about the scantopcactivationapp as required by the users. If you face any additional issues, you can request us to update it using the comments section.


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