How To Recover Windows 8 Using A Flash Drive

June 19, 2018

This Post will explain how to create a recovery of Windows 8 on a USB flash drive. Recovery files contain back up files of the original OS, drivers and application software that come with the computer. If we need to perform a system recovery and the recovery data on the hard disk has become damaged then we can use the recovery media to restore the computer to its original condition.

The drive has to be ready in a couple of minutes. You’ll need this drive if you need to Refresh or Reset your Window 8 PC later on. Make certain you don’t have a thing important onto that drive since it might have to be formatted in the NTFS file system. It must be noted that a recovery drive isn’t the same as a Windows 8 DVD and you may not utilize it to install Windows 8. It’s also important to produce the recovery USB drive on the machine with the exact bit-type as the one that you want to repair. Here in this article, we are going to share how to Recover Windows 8 Using A Flash Drive with easy steps.

Recover Windows 8 Using A Flash Drive

The very first time it said it was unable to produce the recovery drive. Thus, if you’re developing a basic Recovery Drive, you may use a 1GB USB flash drive. A Windows 10 recovery drive is useful when your Windows 10 PC is not able to boot.

You may now eliminate the flash drive and store it in a secure spot. Transplanting the OS drive into a new system might not be successful even if there are not any hardware compatibility troubles. Developing a flash drive for installing Windows isn’t as easy as copying the setup files to it as it won’t be bootable. It merely needs to put in a device driver for the digital drive.

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Windows 8 has the power to create a bootable USB flash recovery drive that could be employed to troubleshoot a Windows 8 computer that’s not able to begin. Windows will tell you everything on the drive is going to be deleted, so make certain that you back up any data you may need. Windows periodically capture the state of your system so that it can rollback in case of failure. Note that if you’re using Windows 8, you will also be asked if you need to delete the recovery partition. In case you have Windows 10 64-bit installed, that’s the type of PC you may use the repair disc on. So, be certain to continue to keep your PC backed up, also. That downloads a little installer file that you run on your computer.

Click Next, and it is going to automatically look for all available drives that you may use for the recovery drive. Before closing TotalMounter, ensure you unmount the digital drive. Thus, make certain you have selected the appropriate drive, and it doesn’t contain any valuable data. It can also incorporate extra drives. You also ought to disconnect any other external drives if simply to prevent confusion in later measures.

It is important to note that “We can create recovery media only once”.

We have two options to create recovery media

  1. USB flash drive(32GB)
  2. DVD’s(6 no’s)

Note: USB flash drive is recommended always.

Before beginning the recovery make sure that all the applications are closed and disconnect the computer from the internet and turn off the Wi-fi and close all other programs which are running currently.

Foll0wing are the steps:

1. Press Windows+Q key’s and type “Recovery manager” in the search.

2. Now select recovery media creation. 3. You will be getting a message saying “You are allowed to create one set of recovery media”.

Click on I accept and then continue. Now next window asks to insert the recovery media.

Note: All the data on the disk will be formatted.

Now, just follow the screen instructions without interrupting the process and click finish. When done, store the flash drive in a safe location.

Hope this post has cleared doubt’s on the recovery of OS on a flash drive. In case if you have any trouble doing so or concerned, contact us through our Facebook page.


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