Reasons to Move to Washington DC

June 3, 2022

People move across the state for various reasons, which may revolve around finding new and fresh horizons to have fun. However, a move to Washington DC is much more than fun.

The nation’s capital is an incredibly diverse, motivating, and fascinating place filled with culture, history, entertainment, satisfying outdoor attractions, and many breath-taking things that make living in the state worth the time and investment.

Need more convincing reasons to move to DC? Read on to find our top 10 reasons to move to Washington DC.

Beautiful Natural Parks and Subtropical Climates

DC has an abundance of natural marvels, from the desert plains to the volcanic peaks, flushed canyons, alpine slopes, lush rainforest, and natural parks owing to its wondrous climates. Talk about the climates, and you will find that you can enjoy all four seasons, from the humid summer to the cold spring and chilly and snow-filled winter.

Booming Labour Market

One of the best reasons to move to Washington DC is because this historical state offers an abundance of job opportunities. While it’s no surprise since DC is home to the federal body and houses the presidential villa, the White House, the fact remains that DC’s residents won’t have to worry about finding a source of income to shelter their high standard of living. From the tech industries to the healthcare centers, entertainment industry, biotech, and media, DC headquarters houses many prestigious businesses in the US.

Home of Pro Sport

Love sports? DC offers you a wide range of sporting teams to fill your sports-fan dream. From the baseball team to the women’s basketball, men’s soccer, hockey and tennis team, there’s always a professional sports line-up to stimulate you during every sports league. Washington’s pro sports teams to watch out for include:

  • The Nationals (basketball)
  • Washington Wizards and Mystics (male and female basketball teams)
  • DC United (soccer)
  • Washington Kastles (Tennis)
  • Washington Capitals (Hockey)


Washington ranks fourth in the US educational system, with over 87% graduation rate. With statistics like this, it’s no wonder why 90% of parents with their school-age kids are willing to move to Washington.

Today, you will find over 111 educational institutions in DC, including top private and public schools. The nation’s capital also boasts of high-quality university education, with schools like Seattle university, university of Seattle, Howard University, and Georgetown university topping the list of prestigious higher-education facilities.

Affordable Housing  

No doubt, living in DC is quite expensive. However, housing options are quite favorable. You will find affordable rentals in places like Brightwood and Georgetown, where monthly rents cost is a little over $2000. Don’t want to live within the city? Then suburbs like Virginia, Maryland, Silver Spring, and Alexandria offers affordable housing cost below $1500 per month.

Good Commute Systems

In the nation’s capital, you won’t have to bother about a poor commute. In fact, more than 37% of the state’s residents prefer hopping the public metro to driving through the congested traffic highway with their cars. Dc’s public transport isn’t just great in terms of functionality; it also offers a clean atmosphere that fosters healthy living.


Washington DC is a state that provides you with never-ending cultural treasures, highlights, and opportunities all year round. The simple reason is that the region is incredibly diverse. So, whether you are looking for cultural arts, live music venues, or diverse food scenes, you will find all and many more within the walls of the capital city.

Want to learn more about cultural arts, visit DC’s art galleries, theaters, and museums. DC’s Live music also revolves around blues and Jazz so that no matter your preference, you will find multiple live music scenes across the streets of DC.


While this state may have politics written over all its affairs, DC is never short on dining and food scenes that will leave your taste bud wanting more. Enjoy Dc’s signature Neapolitan-style pizza, vegan donut, soft pita bread, tasty hotdogs, and burgers.

Many attractions

Apart from the food scene, this historical state also has various attractions, no matter your recreational preference.

Want to learn about animals in extinction like dinosaurs? Visit the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. Love books? Visit the Library of Congress. Want to learn more about the history of aerospace? Visit the National Air and Space Museum.

Other unique attractions the nation’s capital has to offer include:

  • Lincoln Memorial, built in honor of US 16th president
  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial; built to honor over 58,000 service members who fought and died in the Vietnam war.
  • Washington Monument; a 555-foot monument stationed inside the National Mall built in honor of the nation’s first president, George Washington.
  • National Mall; is a national park that houses Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial. It was also a historical site where Martin Luther King Jr gave his memorable “I have a Dream” speech to a large assembly of civil rights merchants on August 28, 1963.

Lots of outdoor activities

DC has a plethora of natural land that offers access to water, mountain, and green views. Visit the Gravelly point Park for a picnic lunch, the Kenilworth Aquatic Garden to see a wide variety of flowers, wetlands, and wildlife, Rock Creek Park for a fun hiking adventure, and the National Zoological Park, to see some unique animals from around the world.


The state of Washington is a wondrous state that holds more culture, art, history, entertainment, and politics than you could ever imagine. If you are considering transitioning to this region, you know now that there are several things to get you excited. From the pro sports teams to the subtropical climate, diverse natural attractions, immense job opportunities, dining scene, good commute, and affordable housing. However, transitioning to a state as densely populated as this can be difficult. If you need long-distance movers Washington DC has to offer, visit to get the help you need today.


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