Real Estate Mobile App Development: Tricks of the Trade

March 5, 2021

Real estate mobile apps and web ad aggregators can be standalone startups or sales tools for real estate businesses. To consider all the nuances of the niche and present them in the form of a code, you need to find a good real estate mobile app development company. Such a project can be adapted to suit different needs:

• Real estate agencies (to increase sales).

• Developers (for the sale of finished objects).

• Tourism sector (daily rent).

• Municipalities of cities (sale of urban real estate).

Main functions of the application

The FireArt team uses their own development experience to compile an indicative list of application features. Also, members of the working group study successful projects and user feedback. Before the release, it is necessary to collect a database of houses, apartments, hotels, hostels or those types of housing that meet the goals of the project. You can use ads from individuals, real estate agencies, travel companies or developers. You also need to think over the format for submitting ads: paid or free, limits, and so on.

Convenience of applications

When creating a design concept for an application, it is important to keep usability in mind. The user must intuitively understand how to use the application, where to find the functions he needs, how to navigate the menu and directory:

• A UI prototype is created and directs the user interface.

• The visual style is being worked out considering the familiar user elements of iOS or Android.

• All possible screens and their states are developed.

• Based on the prototype, the design is developed directly, taking into account the requirements of the project (colors, stylistic features).

• The result of this approach is an application that does not raise questions from the user.

What should the ad card look like?

This is one of the decisive factors that determine whether people will use your application or not. The announcement of the sale or lease of real estate should be short and at the same time as informative as possible. The card should display:

• A photo. With the ability to view a gallery of multiple images.

• Address of the object.

• Main characteristics and description.

• Price.

• Location of the object on the map.

• Contact the seller: call or message.

Project admin panel

For ease of management, several roles must be implemented in the admin panel:

1. Administrator. With full access to all functions and reports (statistics, finance, user, and moderator activity).

2. Moderator. Access to editing and blocking ads (possibly only in a certain region). Viewing user correspondence to resolve controversial issues. The ability to block users who violate the rules. Technical support.

In the case of cooperation with partner agencies, partner access to the admin panel is provided with the ability to edit, delete and add ads, correspond from the web service with users who are interested in some object, and also view personal statistics – ads, the number of user requests, etc. finance.


It is important to set up online data exchange between the application and the server-side. Experienced development teams plan the structure of databases in such a way that the exchange is fast, even at peak loads.

If you plan to update the ad base automatically using exchange with other projects or software systems, you need to develop and implement an API. It is a set of tools for the automatic exchange of data between systems. A real estate announcement assumes the presence of a large number of images, pictures, photographs. You must have enough space to store this information, the site must load photos quickly.



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