Prime-Coin Review: Setting High Standards for You

August 29, 2022

We conduct neutral research of brokerage platforms with standards measured across a range of facilities and features. Our research point for today is Prime-Coin. 

Prime-Coin intends to open a range of opportunities to its clients regardless of their affordability or experience in this complex financial trading world. 

Read more below to learn everything we have evaluated and discovered regarding Prime-Coin to give you a balanced perspective on this trading platform.

Prime-Coin and Their Offerings

Are you excited to learn more about this brokerage platform? 

For starters, they are based worldwide. This means that regardless of your geographical location, you are not constrained from accessing this broker. This is definitely a big advantage as most brokers operate with legal global restrictions preventing a diverse, world over clientele. 

Second, they provide investors access to multiple trading products. Some of them are detailed below:

  • A multitude of crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even the more recent ones such as dogecoin
  • A range of equities in various public companies, including Tesla, Shell, Microsoft, Apple, and many, many more
  • Stock options in a multitude of companies
  • Stock indices investing options in a wide selection of global indices such as the DAX and FTSE 100
  • The most liquid investment: global currency pairings, also known as Forex. Prime-Coin also has certain exotics in its offerings.
  • The ability to invest in globally traded commodities via contract for differences. These commodities are wheat, rice, coffee, corn, soybeans, crude oil, gold, copper, iron, silver, and many more.
  • Energy trading such as electricity, natural gas, wind power
  • A multitude of futures and options trading

In-Depth Insights About Their Trading Interface

The most crucial and defining object for any broker in this online trading sphere definitely has to be their trading platform. Because how else would you have access to the multiple offerings on their interface?

Prime-Coin prides itself on operating and maintaining a spectacular trading platform through its browser offering. This trading platform has a user-friendly setup and customizable options for your personalized trading screen. If you are focused on one asset alone, you can set up indicators pertaining to that particular asset. However, if you have leanings for multiple assets at the same time, you can define indicators and set up your widgets accordingly. 

And at any given point in time, your real-time, up-to-date portfolio value is displayed on the screen. So anytime you log in, you know how your basket of securities is doing.

The Process

Most investors are put off by the notion of delay. Since in this realm, time is money. Prime-Coin appreciates this consideration. Hence, their onboarding process is simple and fast. 

Once you have logged on your details on the server, Prime-Coin will request certain documentation to supplement your trading profile. However, the verification process does not delay your trading as your account is live pending funding from your side.

If, in the unlikely event of the verification not coming in favor of the client, the account would be blocked immediately, and any proceeds would be refunded minus a service charge. 

Funding your account is to be done via the three major currencies: USD, EUR, and GBP. 

Withdrawals are also simplified, considering that the funds are present in your account. The industry standard processing time for withdrawals is 2 working days which Prime-Coin adheres to.

Withdrawals are processed in any US dollar and can be sent to any currency bank account. The only issue is that your bank will deduct a standard currency conversion charge. 

Is Prime-Coin Right for You?

Based on what we have discovered to date, we feel that it is a reliable setup with a multitude of offerings for the savvy trader. The only disadvantage we found was that they have yet to embed a negative balance protection feature. Prime-Coin has committed to rolling out a stop-loss protection update soon, but that remains to be seen.

Their customer service is stellar, making it a broker of choice for many traders across the globe. 

So, are you ready? Prime-Coin’s Website is waiting to process your registration!


Disclaimer: This is sponsored marketing content.


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