How to Play DVD in Windows 10 – Best CD/DVDs Player in 2020

January 27, 2020

In Windows Player, we can play audio CDs and data DVDs that have music or have any type of video files they are generally known as CDs.You can play these video CDs or commonly known as VCD’s are the same as DVDs, although the video quality is not as high as CDs.

If you want to create a DVD drive you must have a DVD decoder on your computer, this is compulsory to be installed on your computer so that we can use Windows Media Player so that we can play any type of DVD-Video disc – it is a type of DVD that has some movies and can also contain some other. If you have any problem that you encounter or any error you see which can indicate that you are missing any type of DVD decoder, then you can select Web Help in the same error message that you received a separate dialogue box will appear and that will show you how to get a decoder on your device.

Steps to Play DVD in Windows 10

Step -1: You can insert the disc in the drive which you want to play.

Step -2: After inserting the disc it will start playing automatically. If the disk doesn’t play, or you are not able to play the disc that is already inserted, you can also open Windows Media Player on your devices or you can also find the Library and from the library select the disc name in which you want to play on your device.

Step -3: If you insert any type of DVD you will have to play the DVD title and then select the chapter name.

You can also use some 3rd party media player like VLC player or

Some other points which can also help you are:

If you play your DVD or VCD in the Library, then the Player will automatically switch to the Now Playing mode.

The disk which is I the format of blue-ray that is not supported on the Windows Media Player. If you want to play a Blu-ray Disc, all you need is to use a Microsoft program which will support Blu-ray service and it is a device which is capable of taking and learning Blu-ray Discs.

If you have previously selected any type of CD it will automatically show on the Rip Music tab and in the list of Options a dialogue box will appear or you will see the Rip settings menu or you can also see, a CD which can immediately start just after insert disk into the drive it will start ripping.

If you receive a message that your PC is missing any codec that you need to built to start or play a DVD decoder that you have already tried to play on your computer or you can also burn, or play a file that is already compressed by using a codec it is a Player doesn’t include by default to your PC.

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Final Words

As previously mentioned, Windows 10 lacks lots of other significant features, including the capability to play DVD. If you don’t have the Windows 10’s DVD Player, you can search for third-party applications that it is possible to use instead. Here is a complete guide on how to play DVD or CD in Windows 10.

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