Piano Principles And Guidelines Transportation

September 22, 2021

It’s difficult to transport the weight of a musical instrument like a piano because it is heavy and huge, but also fragile. The future performance of the piano is dependent on its structural integrity and the absence of damage or damages to internal components following transport. This is why it is important to be extra cautious while transporting it.

Making the instrument ready to be shipped

To ensure proper transport of this type of instrument, it is necessary to plan the procedure by taking off the detachable outer components of the instrument before its use. For this, you will need to:

  • If required, remove the mechanism that strikes and then remove the bolts. We don’t recommend touching the mechanism.
  • Remove the top cover, generally secured by latches;
  • unfasten the bottom cover to protect the pedals;
  • remove the cover that protects the keys using a screwdriver.

Following this, you must be careful when picking the pieces. The strings should be secured with heavy paper. The keys and covers must be protected by a soft fabric.

If you transport your instrument on your own, and you cannot disassemble the components, you’ll have to take it as a whole which is why you should make sure the covers are secured by using duct tape. Such an approach will prevent the possibility of damage to your instrument during transportation.

The piano must be tightly packed using special bubble wrap. You can also make use of blankets to protect your piano and secure it to a rope. This way you minimize the possibility of injury.

Plan of Action: Transport of the Piano

The first step is to understand the parameters of the item you intend to transport. Transport is usually required for pianos of classical design that are 1.5m in length and have a height of only 1.5m. The gravity center is located at a height of 120 cm. This is not the weight case:

  • Consider a route and plan a route. Take into account all the doorways that may be within your route. It is necessary to abandon your idea if the piano can’t be accessed through the doorway.
  • When transporting a piano, it is important to think about an evenly distributed distribution of support and weight. That is why it is recommended to use a specialized loader for each 45 kg of weight.
  • Small models can weigh between 180 and 280 kg.
  • So, how do you properly transport pianos? Follow this guideline:
  • The instrument should always be supported from below. A piano facing downward puts a lot of pressure on it.
  • large models 320-500 kg.
  • It is crucial to transport the instrument correctly securely. If it is not in the correct position it is important to inform others.
  • Be sure to check the stairs at the point where you intend to take the piano down or up. The stairs could not hold the weight of the piano if it and employees of the transport firm are in the same space. This could pose risk to the health of the piano as in the safety of the people who are using the stairs.
  • Make sure that everyone participant during the process is equipped with the straps required and fasteners needed to move the piano properly.
  • If you’re not familiar with or have no experience with transporting goods, don’t attempt it yourself. Engage professional movers in Manhattan such as Zeromax from reputable transportation companies. They can transport instruments quickly and securely, and transport them up and down the stairs.
  • First, you should think about a vehicle for transportation in addition to the various options to load the instrument. Then, you can leave it to the professionals.
  • If you experience a situation that is traumatic be sure that everyone will get out of the way quickly, such as if one participant falls.

The most important rule when moving a piano is that everything should be performed slowly and methodically. The experts and you should be able to stop at the perfect moment to grasp the piano, take a deep breath, and then regain your energy. This will give you total control of the situation and minimize the possibility of unexpected events.

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Fixing and loading inserts into your car

After all the work involved in moving the musical instrument to the loading dock is finished, consider that most of the work is done. Now it’s time for the vehicle to take it off.

Then, the piano needs to be securely fastened. Specialized vehicles that have a high carrying capacity are equipped with hydraulic elevators and metal clamps to secure the piano. Make use of them to anchor the instrument in a secure manner along the sides.

Don’t transport your piano in cold weather as the instrument will react to changes in ambient temperature.

It is important to plan your route before traveling. Do this to prevent any mechanical damage, vibrations, or severe jolts.

The Zeromax company is a reputable transport company that will ensure that your piano arrives safe and in good condition. We will transport your delicate piano in the most efficient way and at the most affordable cost within your region!


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