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October 28, 2020

Are you searching for Penn Station Menu Prices? Having problems in searching for it? The best fast food restaurant specializing in East Coast sub sandwiches. The Penn Station Prices are usually higher than in other restaurants. So browse the latest updated details of Penn Station Menu Prices List.

The Penn Station is the only restaurant where the different sizes of subs like 4″, 6″, 8″,10″ and 12″ are to be served. The restaurant has a limited menu other than a sub sandwiches restaurant.

To find the Penn Station Near To You because they have covered up so many areas So it can be easy to find out Penn Station Locations.

You can also get your order at your place with the help of Penn Station Order Online, within the period of time you get your parcel.

If you are worried to take Penn Station food, Don’t worry they give you the perfect Penn Station Nutrition chart. Where you get all information about Penn Station Fast Food Menu.

So check out the Penn Station Subs and many more in the below chart of Penn Station Menu Prices.

Penn Station Menu Prices

Penn Station Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly July 2020

Penn Station Extras Menu and Prices 2020

Fresh-Cut Fries $3.49 Medium
Fresh-Cut Fries $5.39 Large
Cheesebread $5.29 10′
Chips $1.29 Bag
Add Extra Meat or Cheese $1.19
Cheesebread $6.29 12′
Fresh-Cut Fries $2.19 Small
Cheesebread $3.19 6′
Chocolate Chunk Cookie $1.79
Cheesebread $4.19 8′

Penn Station Beverages Menu and Prices 2020

Iced Tea $1.89 Regular
Fountain Drink $1.89 Regular
Fountain Drink $2.29 Large
Lemonade $5.99 Gallon
Lemonade $2.99 Large
Iced Tea $5.99 Gallon
Iced Tea $2.29 Large
Lemonade $2.29 Regular

Penn Station Kids Meal Menu and Prices 2020

Includes 4′ Kid-sized Sandwich, Half Size Fries, Kiddie Cup Beverage & Lollipop
Kids Meal $4.69

Penn Station Subs Menu and Prices 2020

Philadelphia Cheesesteak $4.99 6′
Pizza Sub $8.29 10′
Grilled Vegetarian $4.99 6′
Italian (Grilled or Cold) $8.29 10′
Reuben $8.29 10′
Chicken or Tuna Salad $6.69 8′
Chicken or Tuna Salad $4.99 6′
Pizza Sub $9.99 12′
Philadelphia Cheesesteak $8.29 10′
Chicken Teriyaki $6.69 8′
Sausage Sub $4.99 6′
Create Your Own $4.99 6′
Grilled Artichoke $8.29 10′
Pizza Sub $6.69 8′
Sausage Sub $6.69 8′
Italian (Grilled or Cold) $6.69 8′
Sausage Sub $9.99 12′
Grilled Vegetarian $8.29 10′
Reuben $4.99 6′
Chicken Cordon Bleu $9.99 12′
Chicken or Tuna Salad $8.29 10′
Chicken Cordon Bleu $4.99 6′
Create Your Own $8.29 10′
Club (Grilled or Cold) $9.99 12′
Reuben $6.69 8′
Chicken Teriyaki $9.99 12′
Club (Grilled or Cold) $4.99 6′
Grilled Vegetarian $6.69 8′
Chicken Cordon Bleu $8.29 10′
Italian (Grilled or Cold) $9.99 12′
Club (Grilled or Cold) $6.69 8′
Grilled Artichoke $6.69 8′
Chicken Cordon Bleu $6.69 8′
Chicken or Tuna Salad $9.99 12′
Sausage Sub $8.29 10′
Grilled Artichoke $9.99 12′
Grilled Artichoke $4.99 6′
Grilled Vegetarian $9.99 12′
Create Your Own $9.99 12′
Chicken Parmesan $6.69 8′
Philadelphia Cheesesteak $6.69 8′
Italian (Grilled or Cold) $4.99 6′
Chicken Teriyaki $4.99 6′
Pizza Sub $4.99 6′
Chicken Parmesan $8.29 10′
Chicken Parmesan $9.99 12′
Chicken Teriyaki $8.29 10′
Create Your Own $6.69 8′
Reuben $9.99 12′
Chicken Parmesan $4.99 6′
Philadelphia Cheesesteak $9.99 12′
Club (Grilled or Cold) $8.29 10′

Penn Station Sub Combos Menu and Prices 2020

Includes Fries and Drink
Sub Combo $7.89 6′
Sub Combo $10.99 10′
Sub Combo $12.69 12′
Sub Combo $9.39 8′

Check out the below subtitle for Penn Station Restaurant

Penn Station History

Since 1985 Penn Station was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio, by Jeff Osterfeld. The restaurant was created due to popularity for a cheesesteak sandwich in Philadelphia. Currently, there are 313 stores in 15 states.

Penn Station Menu Prices 2020
Penn Station Menu Prices 2020

Some Penn stations also serve wraps, salads, and lemonade. Penn station prices might be the same as the other sub sandwich restaurants such as Subway or any other fast-food restaurant.

Penn Station Location

If you are finding for Penn station sub sandwiches locations for taking visit find Penn station near to you. The best way to finding out the restaurants click the below link.

  • Enter your City name, State name, or Zipcode. The map will show the details of the nearest located Penn station.
  • With the perfect distance in km and the way of the path are so many choices you have. So select and take a visit. 


Penn Station Nutrition

Penn station makes the nutrition chart for you to get understand the details of the food they served. The best quality food and fresh ingredients used in it. How will get to know if they did not provide any information about it?

They show the care for their guests and make the perfect chart of Nutrition view the details in the below link. 

Nutrition info

Penn Station Catering

Penn Station Catering

If you are thinking about the corporate events or social gatherings so best cater is Penn Station will be served at your door. Yes, You can call and book your order on your pre-planned functions with before 24 hours. 

How much to order in quantity you must select the option to view the details in the below link.

Catering Menu

How Much To Order

Penn Station Rewards App

Google Play Store logo

Apple App Store logo

You can download the Penn Station App from your google play store and install it.

For your first installation, you will get 6-inch subs. You earn the points towards your purchases in the dollar.

So get the app today and enjoy the rewards. But the rewards may vary by location.

View the complete details in the below link about the rewards.

Our Rewards App

Penn Station Feedback

If you have any question to ask us can free feel to contact us to click below link. because this link takes you @ the official site. There you can ask anything about your question regarding Penn station.

If any idea or suggestion you have in your mind to share with us for improvement free feel to share with us. We love to hear from you. We will work on it and make changes if we think it needs to be.


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