PDFelement: Useful tips of reading on iPad in 2021

September 8, 2021

For many people, reading books on the iPad is the main channel of e-reading. It is convenient, fast, and doesn’t influence the eyes. Let’s take a look at the tips of reading on iPad in 2021.

Part 1: E-reading has become a trend

In the past, e-reading was a trend. Many people used to do it because they wanted to show their fashion taste. However, now, reading has become a daily habit that everyone will try to figure out how to read faster and easier on iPad in 2021.

1. Easier to carry

iPad has become smaller and lighter gradually. It’s convenient for reading. This is the charm of e-reading. The paper books are bulky and inconvenient to carry. Now, many people carry an iPad to read everywhere in this modern age.

2. The price of e-books is more acceptable

Previously, the price of paper books was much lower than e-books due to their abundant supply. However, in recent years, e-book prices are decreasing while paper book prices are increasing. This has made people consider the cost when buying a book because electronic books offer readers extremely low prices compared with traditional printed books or newspapers.

Today, there are many PDF readers that support online PDF books with digital copyright protection. PDF reader enables you to read PDF files without worrying about the copyright problem.

3. Support search, online editing, online sharing

The function of searching keywords can be realized by eBooks without opening the file software. When it comes to the internet connection for PC or laptop reading, if you are not near to the home WIFI, you can use book file software for reading.

Many PDF readers allow users to freely copy texts or share links to social websites like Facebook or Twitter for convenience when they are doing reading on iPad. At present, it is very easy to find relevant information by searching through PDF documents that have been read completely with your iPad. Moreover, you can also edit certain PDF files with a PDF reader on an iPad.

Part 2: Useful function of PDFelement to help you read on iPad

PDFelement is a PDF reader for iPad, which has many useful features to help you read on iPad more conveniently. Here, we will introduce some of these tips.

1. Bookmarks: help you quickly locate the location you saw last time

In PDFelement, bookmarks are really helpful. When reading PDF files on iPad, PDFelement will automatically mark your last visited place when turning off the screen or switching to another file. If you want to find a certain page again or simply go back a few pages to review something, then just open the bookmarks and view your last reading page instantly.

2. Dark mode: reading in the dark

Dark mode makes it easier for users to read at night with less glare from the screen. PDFelement’s dark mode is in color but with less light, which is more conducive to reading at night.

3. Support Apple Pencil, more convenient to operate in iPad

Reading PDF files or PDF documents on the iPad will feel like reading a real book when using PDFelement’s smooth rendering engine and Apple Pencil support. PDF element is supporting multitouch gestures for reading PDFs directly on your iPad; the use of Apple Pencil as a stylus can makes it a much easier and natural feeling to scroll through PDF pages and see images up close.

4. Supports shortcuts on iPad

PDFelement fully supports keyboard shortcuts for those who prefer working with their keyboards instead of touch screens, such as CMD+N (New PDF), CMD+S (Save PDF), etc. PDFelement for educators and students also supports custom shortcuts in Preferences that can be set by the user.

5. Various annotation: help annotate at any time

To create PDF annotations or markups, PDFelement provides many tools such as pen, highlighter, textbox, stamp, and drawing tools to highlight your ideas when reading PDF files on iPad; PDF files can be exported with original layouts or cropped content via sharing/printing functions.

Besides, with a +1-year free upgrade of OCR technology, you can convert scanned PDFs to editable formats directly on iPad with ease. Even if it’s an image PDF file that you don’t want to read but just need the contents clearly presented, PDFelement can help you achieve that.

With PDFelement PDF converter, not only PDF files are supported but also images. You can freely convert PDFs to JPG, PNG, or any other formats on iPad with PDFelement PDF converter in addition to annotating them on PDFelement itself.

6. Support comments, leave your thoughts about reading at any time

Wondershare PDFelement for Mac8.5 allows you to leave your thoughts about reading PDF files anytime and anywhere with a built-in note function. After highlighting important parts of the content, press the “+” button on the top right corner, then choose “Add Comment” or “Edit Comment” to leave your notes for better understanding when you read again next time.

7. Support page adjustment: vertical/horizontal; two-page view

What’s better for reading PDF files on the iPad than an adjustable layout to fit the screen? PDFelement allows you to view PDFs in any format, such as vertical and horizontal page layout. PDFelement also supports two-page viewing, which allows a PDF file to be viewed side by side with an open PDF file simultaneously so that you can work or study from both PDFs at any time.


PDFelement is really a good PDF reader for iPad users. Besides, the PDF element provides even more features such as the OCR function and manual editing feature to help us edit our documents directly without converting. Of course, it will have many other useful functions in future updates! Remember that we can test all features of PDFelement for free with PDFelement free download on our devices, with one PDF file allowed in each trial. If you want to read all PDFs in PDFelement, get PDFelement for iOS now, as PDFelement Pro with unlimited PDF usage is recommended for your good reading experience.


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