PCT Guide: Clomid Proviron Cycle

November 26, 2021

Post cycle therapy or PCT is crucial for successful ending of the cycle. If you will not skip your PCT you will be able not only to avoid side effects but also reduce rollback phenomenon and save your muscle mass. That is why we are going to guide you through this important process and tell you everything you need to know about the clomid proviron cycle.

Why do you need PCT

First things first, let’s decide why PCT is so important. Long story short – when you use anabolic steroids and then cease their usage your body is shocked. It is in the so-called hormonal pit because your natural testosterone was replaced and suppressed by injectable one. So, you need to help it out and boost the levels of natural testosterone in your blood by using special medication. If you are young enough your natural testosterone will naturally restore itself for one to four month. However, through this time you can lose the bigger part of your results from the course.

Moreover, the use of anabolic steroids starts a negative feedback loop from HPGA (hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis). It is just the scientific name of the process we talked about above. The hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis controls testosterone production and looks like an interconnected system of endocrine glands. The maximum amount of testosterone in the blood is something that is given to us from above and we cannot control it in any way. So this is a purely individual phenomenon. This is the main limiting factor, but there are others. For example, age, lifestyle, diet and others.

When taking steroids, the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis sees that there is already a lot of testosterone in the blood and reduces its production. The hypothalamus corrects and regulates this process. And to maintain hormonal homeostasis, a negative feedback loop is used. The two main hormonal factors that serve to inhibit or stop the production of Testosterone in HPGA are excess estrogen or testosterone.

Progestins and prolactin can also suppress the functions of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis, but mainly the problems are associated with the factors indicated above. Until testosterone levels are restored, HPGA cannot restore balance, which is why post cycle therapy is needed. There are factors that can make it difficult. For example, Individual response to certain steroids. There are lucky ones who can avoid any significant consequences of the course, but we do not recommend you to check whether you belong to them. Better take care of your health. The duration of the course (the degree of desensitization of the testicles) and the type of anabolic steroid or steroids used will certainly affect the design of the course of therapy.

What if you don’t have PCT? Depending on the testosterone ester that you used in your cycle. Exogenous testosterone will soon disappear, and side effects will appear. Which, perhaps, you will feel, not immediately, but you will feel. It’s a matter of time, or rather the duration of being without testosterone (the main male sex hormone). What’s next? Two weeks have passed already: strength has fallen, mood has fallen, there is no libido, or there is, but not nearly the same as it was on the course of steroids, muscle mass and relief are evaporating. Perhaps this will not happen for everyone. Again, recovery and rollback without post-cycle therapy depends more on the characteristics of your body. So, you should start PCT right after you finish the cycle of SARMs or a week after if you used steroids.

Main drugs used for PCT are Clomid and Nova. But today we are looking closer at the clomid proviron cycle. Clomid is the first SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulator), it is not very toxic, it increases your LH and FSH levels + it boosts your gonadotropin production. However, it affects your nervous system and can cause vision issues. Proviron in turn is quite unique SHBG-blocking, side effects-abolishing and aromatase-lowering gear. It boosts your testosterone level, but messes up your cholesterol. Together they work as a perfect pair reducing each other’s side effects and making your post cycle therapy easier. As for the PCT cycle, start with a bigger dose of Clomid and then slowly decrease it, 150mg per day considered to be safe zone and combine it with no more than 50mg per day of proviron, this PCT should’n last more than 6 weeks.


We hope that our guide was quite comprehensive despite the big quantity of chemical and biological stuff. You should never skip your post cycle therapy and hope that everything will be ok. Choose the best stack for you and start your way to healing. To improve your PCT you should control its results with a doctor, so check your blood testosterone levels in a lab, get only verified drugs and control your diet.


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