Noragami Season 3 Release Date, Plot, Cast Details

May 8, 2020

Noragami the Stray God of the anime world is based on Adachitoka’s Noragami, a Japanese manga. The Season 2 of the show ended with a cliffhanger and ever since the fans have been waiting for a new season. Noragami Season 2 released back in 2015, and since then there has been no news of the next Season. The fans have been eagerly waiting for good news and we have it for you. Today we are going to share the details of Noragami Season 3 release date, trailer, plot and its cast.

Noragami Season 3 Release Date

It is now known that manga has enough content for the new season of Noragami. It was expected to release around the end of 2019 but now we are not quite sure when will it release, keeping the pandemic in mind.

The Noragami Season 1 was released in the anime category in January 2014, which had a total of 12 chapters. This was followed by Season 2, which included 13 chapters. It was released back in October 2015. After the end of Season 2, a lot of mysteries popped up, and so we are sure that there is going to be a Season 3 for sure, but when?

We definitely can’t give you the exact date but we anticipate its release by the end of this year.

Noragami Season 3- Plot Details

The Noragami Season 3 will be revolving around Yato’s dark past. Yato has an unexplored past which will be unfolded in the new season. The new chapters will be focusing on his “God of Fortune” journey.

Also, the third season will uncover the essential role of Yato’s father. Till the last season, Yato and his father’s relationship wasn’t the best. And so the new season will focus on Yato and his relationship with his father. While Yato’s father kissed Hiyori, the former had killed the first family of Bishamon. He was forgiven by his father, after which he is striving to earn the status of God.

He even desire the attention of millions of devotees and followers. And so he starts to make allies for it. However he is unaware of Nora who is planning to take revenge from him.

Noragami Season 3- Main Cast and Additional Characters

These three are considered as the main cast of the Noragami show. And we expect them to return in their respective roles in Season 3 as well.

  • Iki Hiyori- An ordinary school girl who can travel through both worlds. She discovers this power after an accident. She feels romantically for Yato, and so gets jealous of Bishamonten.
  • Yato- His actual name is Yaboku, who is a War God.
  • Yukine- Originally named Sekki, he is Yato’s Regalia

Additional Characters

  • Bishamonten – God of combat.
  • Tenjin – God of academics.
  • Iki Takamasa – Hiyori’s father
  • Kofuku – God of poverty.
  • Iki Sayuri – Hiyori’s mother.
  • Kazuma – (God) Bishamonten’s Shinki.
  • Iki Masaomi – Iki Hiyori’s brother.

Noragami Season 3 Trailer

So the trailer of Noragami season 3 is not released yet. But let’s have a little sneak peek into the new season. Noragami Season 3 is expected to take a dark turn and the real identity and mysterious past of Yato will be revealed.

Also, the fans are waiting to know if Yato will be able to make his own temple in Season 3.

Noragami English Dubbing

The Noragami dub episodes in English are available on Crunchyroll and FUNimation. You can stream them online. The dubbed and subbed episodes are also available for the anime fan world on YouTube and Hulu.

 Wrapping Up

There is no official announcement made regarding the Noragami Season3. But we are hoping that soon we get some news from the BONES Studio. Share your thoughts on Noragami Season 3 with us in the comment section.




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