NASA Says : “We are not Alone” as it Discovers 20 Earth Like Planets

November 3, 2017

New discoveries by the scientists about our solar system has always brought its own kind of surprising news for us on earth. The NASA scientists have recently made a discovery, and that’s about the worlds orbit star found, that could also be known as exoplanets which allow life just like our earth does. Amongst the 20 exoplanets found, the fastest takes around 18 days to complete revolving around the orbit, while the slowest takes around 395 days, just too close to what earth does. As per Jeff Kepler, the team leader who lead the team of the scientists that made this discovery, has announced that we can even send space crafts to the newly found planets, to off course find out more about them.

NASA Found 20 Earth like Plants that Could Support Life

The closest exoplanet found, is observed to receive the same amount of energy as what Earth gets from the sun. This planet is slightly larger than the earth, and the newly found planets are found to be apt for alien life, and hence compared to Earth. If a planet is habitable or not is known only through its temperature which allows it to host liquid on the surface, and thus, these 20 exoplanets are found to be capable of being called habitable.

The 20 new planets are possibly known to be a chance of being called as the alien worlds, that will be able to support life, and that’s all is according to the new research done on the exoplanets. Many of these planets have years that are too like our years on earth, and temperatures changes are found to be same like is seen on earth. The detailed description of the research is written in the online paper which contains all the information about the findings of the new exoplanets discovered by the scientists.

To confirm anything further on what the planets contain, the scientists must further work on the project and collect more data on the exoplanets. Until now the only thing that could be confirmed is 70-80 percent of the planets could be referred habitable. The researchers are confident that these planets exist, where not everyone might believe this to be true. A lot of new things will come up in the studies that will follow, and surely the progress is going to bring a lot of surprises for the people of earth, to know about many more earth being ready to be introduced.


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