MobilePatrol for PC: Download on Windows 10/8/7

March 27

Law enforcement agencies are present nationwide and their motto is the security of the people. Public safety is important and with timely access to information regarding crimes, and critical alerts are brought about by such agencies. And so to remain in touch with the citizens, safety apps play an important role. One such app is called MobilePatrol, which helps in the rapid enforcement of the laws and in the communication of vital safety information with the public. It is an amazing app that also collaborates with the police department of your country to keep you updated about the criminals and crimes going around you. But in case you are unaware of this application, then this article on MobilePatrol will take you through its interesting features and how to download MobilePatrol for PC.

So today we are going to discuss MobilePatrol for PC and how you can download it using any Android Emulator.

What is MobilePatrol?

MobilePatrol is one of the most amazing and accurate applications for public security. You get all the safety information, critical alerts, news of the places that you need to know about. Also, the information regarding the criminal/offender is detailed. It provides the photographs of the crime associated with the recent crime. From live updates about the situation to details like gender, name, and age of the criminal is also provided. Mobile Patrol also sends out alter which include arrests and searches taking place for dangerous criminals like rapists, drug dealers, serials killer, kidnappers etc.

MobilePatrol app is rated as five stars on Google Play Store and has been downloaded by millions of users all over the world. It works in association with various law enforcement agencies and police to give the public access to security and safety information. And so it is undoubtedly one of the best security apps available.

MobilePatrol Android Download 

MobilePatrol iOS Download

Features of MobilePatrol App

Safety of public is a big concern and so it is important to have safety apps on your mobile phone, and which app would be better than Mobile Patrol. If you have this app on your device, then you will get imitation about serious crimes going around you. So here are a few unique features of this app.

  1. Safety Notifications- Once you register with MobilePatrol, you are entitled to get notifications 24/7. These push notifications are regarding the recent traffic, missing persons, most-wanted criminals, school alerts, community alerts and burn bans.
  2. Public Records- The user gets access to complete and updated law enforcement records including information regarding sex offenders, inmate information, missing children, warrants and most wanted.
  3. Smart Newsfeeds- Its Smart Newsfeeds feature allows the law enforcement agencies to share all critical news with the public. They are high priority alerts and appear before the general and media updates.
  4. Crime Tips and Reporting- One can also report about crime sightings and tips to law enforcement sector. Also report about missing individuals, children or wanted persons.
  5. Report It Feature- MobilePatrol app brings you the “Report It” feature with which you can report crime, bullying, lost pets, harassment, traffic, and complaints regarding nuisances for immediate action.

How to Download MobilePatrol App on Windows?

One can easily download MobilePatrol app for PC, with minimum requirements. You just need to have an Android emulator to run this Android application on Windows OS and then the process is very simple. Just follow the steps given.

Step 1: Download one of the following Android Emulator. You can download and install it from the given links.

Step 2: Now open the Android emulator that you have downloaded, say Bluestacks. And then log in with your Google account or Gmail Id.

Step 3: Navigate to the Google Play Store. Mostly it comes installed with most of the emulators.

Step 4: Now in the search bar, type MobilePatrol for PC. And press Enter.

Step 5: Then click on the Install option. So you are downloading and installing the app from the emulator app only and do not need to download it from any other site.

Step 6: after the process complete, open the app and enjoy it.

So, guys, we hope that you now know how to download MobilePatrol for PC or laptop. The app is very useful for those who are traveling alone to a new city or are not very much aware of their surroundings. You can trust this app and use it on your Android, Windows and even Mac OS. However, if you have any queries regarding the process of downloading and installing the app or any feature, then share it with us in the comment section.


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