Microsoft sets to bring Tabbed shells to every Windows 10 app

November 29, 2017

Microsoft is continuously experimenting on a new feature known as “Tabbed Shell”. All those Windows Insiders who have been looking forward to have a tab features integrated with the Windows has something to rejoice.

As per our sources, “tabbed features” will be incorporated at the Operating System level. It will not be at the app level, therefore it works with any app Window. The tab shells will be much like Microsoft Edge that features many of its own instances on a window where you can switch between the instances of the Edge. Since the work is at the OS level, any Windows app can take the advantage of this feature.

It is also in news that Microsoft will be providing APIs to developers which they can integrate with their apps and hence the app will have a tab feature like any other Windows App.

The goal

The goal of Tabbed Shell is to provide streamline user experience. Let us take an example to understand more on Tabbed shells. You have a project to prepare for which you need to surf or browse on the net to gather information. At the same time you need to prepare report on Microsoft Word followed bya presentation on PowerPoint. The tabbed shell feature enable you to save the whole project as a single document. So when you need to work on the same project again you simply have to open this document that has all the apps on which you were working. You can open few selected apps or all the apps according to your need. This feature tends to save a lot of your time and efforts.

The tabbed feature concentrates on the web browsing centric way of computing, which is the need of the hour.

When can we expect this feature?

Microsoft has not set a clear deadline to introduce this feature as of now. But according to sources, it could be in 2018. Microsoft at first is planning to keep this feature limited to just UWP-based apps that will later incorporate with other Win32 programs.


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