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Dewzilla Inc. is a high-tech software & SaaS company that was founded by Karo Nasiri in 2016. The company is based in Kyiv Ukraine. Dewzilla offers a full package of product development to increase the brand’s online presence. Dewzilla’s team of experienced and creative young developers and professional strong communicators will help brands to make their values more visible in the online world more than ever. 27 people are working in Dewzilla Inc.

Products & Services


Dewzilla offers enhanced CRM that enhances client interaction with leads and loyal customers, collects in-depth statistics about the client’s business, and develops a sales process that can be adjusted.

• Software

Clients can do custom software development is a one-stop-shop for designing, developing, producing, and maintaining software for your business.

Software niche: Fintech, Gaming, Legal software, E-Commerce, Real state, Health Care.


Dewzilla creates mobile apps that are responsive and engaging for any industry, platform, or user. Dewzilla builds apps through a formulated approach that meets the best choice for customers’ brands.


Dewzilla helps clients create new aesthetic experiences or improve existing ones by providing consultation, research, and design services. Enhancing a company’s digital image has the effect of energizing its brand, product, and services.

Approach of developing a mobile app in Dewzilla

It starts with a brainstorming phase in which the company has a personal meeting with the client to dig deep into their businesses and understand their strategies. Dewzilla tries to build an app based on the client’s app idea.

Dewzilla has some cool experts analyzing business and ideas in order to know about the true needs of the business’s requirements. These experts have an eye on both business and technical sides of the business.

Wireframing is an important stage in building an app structure, features, and layout. This is a technique where designers sketch overviews of interactive goods to determine the structure and flow of viable design options. These outlines are based on user and business requirements. Wireframes, whether on paper or in software, aid teams and stakeholders in developing optimum, user-focused prototypes and products.

Prototypes are ready to be tested by the real users as soon as the wireframes that experts of the company and client accept them.

The designing stage starts with the user experience. As a result of their engagement with an app, users have a variety of views and sentiments about the product they’re using. “User experience” (UX) encompasses all elements of the end-engagement users with a business and its goods and services. It follows UI design to form a great look.

The development stage is where a team of skilled developers starts coding to build an app across variant platforms.

After the development stage, the company tries to test it to ensure that it is completely bug-free and runs smoothly.

One extra stage is the support and maintenance stage. A team will support the client if there would be any bugs. Clients would be less stressed about the app when it is launched. The app has passed several stages and in the end, it has support for any problems that would happen.


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