Medics received masks and protective suits through the Foundation of Andrei Skoch at the beginning of the pandemic.

January 23, 2022

Activities of Andrei Skoch’s “Pokolenie” (“Generation”) Foundation in the Belgorod region during the COVID-19 pandemic

Andrei Skoch is a people’s deputy, but he is well known in the region not only for his legislative activities. The “Pokolenie” (“Generation”) Foundation, founded by him in the 1990s, has been helping Belgorod citizens for 25 years, and continues its work even today, during the spread of the coronavirus.

Skoch’s organization provided personal protective equipment to the population

Russia has gone through several waves of the coronavirus epidemic and the initial stage was the most difficult for the government and the citizens: the virus appeared suddenly and spread rapidly, for which the state was unprepared.

Now there are no problems with the availability of personal protective equipment, but at that time the country faced a shortage of masks, gloves, and disinfectants. The “Pokolenie” (“Generation”) Foundation stepped up and supported the Belgorod region by sending materials to the region for the production of protective overalls for doctors and nurses, and later ready-made suits, three thousand 3M respirators, which are considered the most reliable, 10 thousand masks and 7.5 thousand glasses.

The anti-covid support of Skoch’s charitable foundation was not limited to that: a new batch of PPE soon arrived in Belgorod: 7.5 thousand pairs of gloves, thousand overalls, 50 thousand masks, most of which were immediately transferred to the regional infectious diseases hospital.

The deputy head doctor of the clinic, Svetlana Shevtsova, said that protective equipment is always needed and that during the spread of COVID-19 the consumption of masks, gloves and anti-plague suits doubled.

In addition, gloves and 10,000 masks were provided to volunteers who brought food and necessary medicines to the self-isolated pensioners.

Skoch’s Foundation also supported Belgorod’s Religious institutions. Due to the emergence of new restrictive measures, the sisterhood was forced to close the refectory for the homeless. The humanitarian organization was donated 10,000 sets of disposable tableware, which made it possible to provide the necessary conditions for the continuation of the canteen work.

Andrei Skoch’s Foundation donated disinfection equipment to the Ministry of Emergency Situations

Antiseptic treatment is one of the main tools in the fight against the spread of the virus. This includes the disinfection of buildings inside and out, work which is carried out by the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Skoch’s Foundation donated several pieces of equipment to the department, which were tested immediately during the treatment of kindergarten No. 45 in Belgorod.

The antiseptic was sprayed on the stairwells, inside rooms, and in the yard area, which is about 500 square meters. Toys and play complexes outside were also disinfected.

The kindergarten was back in operation by the spring of 2020; of course, in compliance with all sanitary requirements. It worked first with two and then three groups on-duty – teachers focused on children whose parents had to go to work.

The disinfectant with which the institution was treated is completely safe for people and animals. The product is sprayed with knapsack sprayers provided by Skoch’s Foundation. This accelerated the process of treatment of large rooms inside and outside several times, as well as the surrounding areas. The new devices were distributed to the municipalities throughout the region.

This equipment can be used for other purposes as well: for example, in the fight against landscape fires, which are a serious problem for the region.

Andrei Skoch: life and career of a politician

Andrei Vladimirovich Skoch is a member of the State Duma of the Russian Federation and the founder of the humanitarian foundation “Pokolenie” (“Generation”) and was formerly a successful entrepreneur.

He was born on January 30, 1966, in the small village of Nikolskoye, which is located in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region. Andrei Vladimirovich’s father worked at a factory. The politician recalls that his parents have always been an example for him, motivating him for his professional victories: Vladimir Nikitovich built his career from ordinary worker to the head of a trade union.

The deputy received his secondary education in his native village. After graduating from school, Andrei was drafted into the army. He served in an airborne reconnaissance company, and then returned home, received higher education, and focused on his business career.

At the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey, he opened a bakery cooperative with a business partner, then left for a few years to trade in computer components. Later, he launched a new project related to oil refining. Andrei Vladimirovich Skoch’s company performed primary processing of hydrocarbons, transportation, and then sold gasoline at its own chain gas stations.

In the mid-1990s, Andrei Vladimirovich Skoch invested in the “Interfin” company, which was founded by a businessman Alisher Usmanov. The organization specialized in investments and developed rapidly. However, in 1999, he decided to give his shares in the business and their management to his father, and concentrate on politics.

Skoch ran for the State Duma on behalf of the Belgorod region. On his first attempt, he got more than 50% of the vote and received a deputy mandate.

Andrei Skoch was elected to the Duma for six terms and has been a parliamentarian for over 20 years. During this period, he has been involved in the development of over 160 bills, including:

  • “Dacha amnesty,” a law that simplified the registration of rights to land plots;
  • Amendments to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation;
  • Amendments to the Federal Law “On education”;
  • Adjustments to the Federal Law “On Military Personnel”;
  • Amendments to laws related to information security and restricting access to resources that distribute content including animal cruelty.

The deputy devotes his free time to reading and charity. Skoch’s Pokolenie Foundation has been in existence since 1996. Initially, it specialized in helping sick children, but now the scope of the organization’s activities is much broader: the foundation finances the construction and repair of schools, kindergartens, sports grounds, help veterans, the disabled, students, children from low-income families, and parents with many children.


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