How to Access Mediacom Router Login with Home Network Manager

December 5, 2020

Mediacom is a company that offers broadband internet services in many states in the United States. They also manufacture routers and provide them to their customers. If you want to change any details in Mediacom Router, you have to log in to Mediacom Router. Mediacom Router Login can be managed and configured by the Mediacom home network manager.

The only thing you need to know beforehand is your Mediacom Router username and password to access the manager. You can change the Wi-Fi network name and password or even set up port forwarding for devices. Even if you forget your password someday, you can get it back by using the “forgot your password” option.

Access Mediacom Router Login

The online portal allows Mediacom router users to log into the router web page and share their Wi-Fi. Mediacom’s home network manager gives the routers the option to manage all their home networks with a single login step. Mediacom login is the first step you need to take to set up the router for using the internet once the login is done.

Now the question is how to access Mediacom Router Login and change settings? We are sharing some simple steps to access the Mediacom admin page.

As you know, most of the routers have a standard IP address, which is or This is the same IP address, which the Mediacom router uses.

Hence, by going to this IP address, you can log in and access the configuration and settings web page.

This is what you can do with the Mediacom Admin Page.

1. You can update the default router login and password.

2. You can change SSID or even update it.

3. You can set the router firewall.

4. You can complete the configuration step for the home network.

Mediacom Home Network Manager Login Guide

1. Visit the Mediacom router login page online. (Link –

2. Now, enter your username and password in the required field to login. 

Username should be entered in Mediacom ID. After the login step is completed, you can access your router manager’s account.

So, by getting into this page, you can manage the following settings:

1. My wireless network – This option is used to manage the wireless network settings.

2. Wireless broadcast channel – This is to change the Wi-Fi password.

3. You can set up and administer the password of the network.

4. You can set up port forwarding for multiplayer games, media devices, and messaging applications.

Mediacom Router Login

Through the steps listed below, you can log in to the Mediacom router.

Step 1: Switch on your router and then connect your device with the router network. You can do this either by using Wi-Fi or by an ethernet cable.

Step 2: On the connected device, open a web browser and then visit the Mediacom router login IP address For this, you can open any web browser on your device.

Step 3: Now, you need to enter the default Mediacom router password and login username.

  • Mediacom router login username – admin
  • Mediacom router password – password

Step 4: After completing the login step, you can access the settings and configurations of your router.

You can now change and manage the settings according to your needs.

Mediacom login tips

It would be best if you always kept your username and password secret to keep your router safe and secure. If you are not able to remember it, then you can write it down somewhere safe. If you have any issues while logging in or cannot log into your router home page, you can contact the service provider.

Connecting the device to the Mediacom router

You can also connect devices to your Mediacom router on a Windows computer.

1. Click the network icon and then select the Mediacom Wi-Fi network.

2. Then click on the connect button and type in the Wi-Fi network password. On hitting the next button, you will be connected to the Mediacom router.

3. For Mac computers, open the network icon and then select your Mediacom to work. Type in your password and click join to connect.

Mediacom routers are popular among small businesses, just like other wireless Routers.

Mediacom routers work in 22 states of the US. If you are using Mediacom routers, then you can manage it with Mediacom Home Network Manager. Mediacom Home Network allows you to manage Mediacom networks. It makes it easy to change Wi-Fi settings, Wi-Fi passwords, and other Post settings.

We have mentioned all the possible steps in simple words. If you need more help with Mediacom Router Login, then comment below and share your feedback.


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