Main functions of GIS Data: everything you need to know

November 25, 2021

It seems unknown, but Geographical Information Systems (GIS) is taking an important spot in different industries because their data is useful to improve products, services, and internal procedures. Also, the adoption of geospatial technology allows making alliances with other companies, expanding the range of services, and reaching more profit. This technology is functional to any kind of industry despite the type of data or software. Here you are going to find all the related information to GIS, focusing on the principal functionalities and features, valuable to grow your business.

What is GIS Data?

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are a technological innovation for businesses that require accurate, specialized, and specific data location for their products and services. Navmart GIS Data Supplier covers data integration, geocoding and address management, analytics and visualization, and enterprise solution, that’s why map data, speed limits, postal code boundaries, POI, traffic patterns, real-time traffic, trucks, and geocoding gives solutions for transportation, insurance, telecommunication, government, real estate, and fleet management industries.

Geocoding, routing optimization, geoprocessing, and spatial analysis are the main principal GIS features and capabilities. Navmart is the perfect GIS Data supplier partner that provides the data that fits your business needs.

What does Navmart GIS Data Supplier offer?  

Usually, data integration for location is hard to do because the information has multiple and specialized sources and software with different formats and levels of quality. Navmart is a geospatial expert that processes, integrate, validates, and standardize information, making possible the use of data in specific and functional contexts to satisfy clients’ business needs. The integration of a big amount of data saves time, money, and effort.

Otherwise, efficient geocoding and address management must have the highest level of accuracy to fit with the business’ location needs by using different technologies and methods of crossing data.  The combination of geocoding, address recognition, address standardization, and postal address certification in a specialized, fast and complete system, improve services offered by your business.

Another main function of GIS Data is geospatial analytics and visualization, creating comprehensive insights for your organization that identify specific patterns and complex sequences, to allow making specific decisions according to the target market, the modeling risk of deals, and predictive analytics. This kind of analysis combines geospatial information with business intelligence, making real-time geoprocessing data become customized geospatial business solutions. Its implementation is an extension of your business databases and analytics team, that makes a strategic advisor approach to solution ideation and its operationalization.

Keeping in mind that location intelligence as a feature of GIS is always looking for digital transformation, the enterprise solutions that Navtmart GIS data supplier offers are not limited to selling organized information to your company. By geo-enabling the specific software of your corporation, it is possible to have the right solutions according to your specific business needs and skills, integrating geocentric solutions and centralized geospatial platforms. The enterprise’s software solutions are a product of a combination of data integration and integrating geocoding (geoenrichment, geoprocessing, and mapping capabilities).

GIS data and common people’s life

Some apps that people use every day have GIS data, despite the multiple purposes they may have the different industries that adopt information systems. Navmart GIS data supplier generates maps, analysis, and information for the companies themselves or/and to the users.

For example, Google Maps and your Home Banking account, are apps that work with GIS data. The updated location information and real-time data of money’s market offers valuable and useful resources for common activities like to move around the city or just to know and organize your finances.

The urban planning services use GIS data because it is a valuable resource to know and understand the dynamics of people and cities, to create real and accurate urbanization proposals.

In traffic management, GIS data and its applications are crucial because real-time updated information of road networks allows identifying accident locations, optimizing traffic management, and improving safety measures.

The food that we consume today is produced by daily increasing efficient farming techniques that are based on GIS data. The agricultural sector is using this information to analyze soil, control pests, and even crops in different given areas. From this data, the industry makes decisions with good results like optimization of food quality, food quantity, and increment of farms profits.

Why should a business use GIS data? 

Without a doubt GIS data could be used in different ways that improve process, products, services that makes better technologies and advanced industries, increasing business growth and people’s quality of life. Navmart GIS data supplier is the most complete service because it gives solutions that are the perfect match for your business.


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