Mahmoud Khattab Explores California Business Trends for 2022

January 29, 2022

As the CEO of Precision MD, Mahmoud Khattab knows that staying on top of business trends in California for 2022 can help his company stay strong and successful. To do that he says he’s studied these trends and explored everything they offer, so he can apply them as fully as possible to the growth and development he expects for his company in the long run. Companies that don’t consider how those trends affect their businesses are companies that get left behind.

That’s not a desirable position to be in, especially as the business landscape changes and there are more and more companies adjusting to remain competitive. Growing up and attending school in Syria, then coming to the U.S. for further education, Khattab learned the importance of flexibility, adaptability, and business development. Here are the trends he’s interested in and sees as most valuable.

Sustainable and Resilient Operations

One of the biggest business trends for 2022 is sustainability coupled with resiliency. It’s likely those trends emerged due to the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies that weren’t resilient may not have made it through the shutdowns or may have had to seriously rework the way they operated. Either way, it caused a lot of stress and worry. With resiliency and sustainable practices, though, it’s more likely a company can weather even the larger storms that may come their way.

An Evolving and Changing Workforce

Workforce change and evolution is happening faster and more significant now than ever. There are many changes still to come. Says Mahmoud Khattab, “I like lasers, and new science, and all the technological advances that come with that. It’s interesting, and it’s not a boring area of business.”

Along with technology are the people who make it possible, operate it, and help it develop as fully as possible. As technology evolves the people who create and use that technology will need to do the same. If the workforce doesn’t evolve, companies won’t advance. New technology doesn’t mean anything if it can’t be fully utilized for the benefit of businesses and their clients.

More Agile Organizations

An agile organization can quickly and efficiently adapt to nearly anything that comes it’s way. That doesn’t mean it can withstand anything, but it is much more likely to get through serious issues. When these organizations are faced with something significant, says Khattab, they’ll find ways to make the changes work for them. Instead of getting trapped in dated ways of thinking or struggling to figure out how they’re going to move forward, the dynamic nature of agile organizations helps keep them afloat.

Remaining Authentic to the Customer

Authenticity is a bit of a buzzword in business circles today, but there’s a reason for that. Being authentic is something that customers find important. Mahmoud Khattab sees being authentic as one of the most important things a company can do. Customers can recognize when a company isn’t authentic in what it’s offering, which can lead those customers to feel like they aren’t being cared for in ways they can relate to, or valued for the future.

Developing a Purpose for Your Business

Much like being authentic, having a purpose is something California businesses will need to focus on in 2022 and beyond. When a business has a purpose it can convey to clients, it’s more likely those clients will take the business seriously and appreciate what it has to offer. Additionally, many clients may be able to identify with the business’ purpose in unexpected ways. That can help customers and businesses bond, which creates a sense of loyalty that can be instrumental in future business success.

Normalizing a High Level of Remote Work

Working remotely has become commonplace for a large percentage of the workforce because of the pandemic. But a lot of people are finding they prefer it. In many cases, companies appreciate this change because they have lower overhead costs, and they see their businesses are just as efficient as they were in the past. People can work from home, says Mahmoud Khattab, and still get plenty done, which no longer comes as much of a surprise to companies that have adapted to the changes.

Focus on Integrating SEO and the User Experience

For a very long time, marketing content and other online information were specifically based on search engine optimization (SEO). Getting to the top of the search engine rankings was the goal because that’s how companies are more easily found online. But the problem with a complete focus on SEO is that it doesn’t take into account the user experience of reading that content. By focusing on a good balance between SEO and user experiences, it’s easier to rank highly and give clients the kind of content they want to read and enjoy.

Mahmoud Khattab says he understands the world is changing, and the trends that are important to California businesses are changing along with it. The more these businesses focus on being adaptable and flexible, the more likely they’ll be to continue successfully. Khattab and Precision MD are focused on improving that success and making sure they’re doing what they need to keep clients happy with their experiences.

It may not be possible to follow all the trends, all the time. But in most cases, it’s important to make adjustments that allow for significant changes to happen rapidly. The more a business remains willing to adjust, the more that business can weather the storms that come its way in a changing business climate.


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