Lead Generation: A Guide for New Business Setups

Are you a startup business owner wondering about the best Lead Generation strategies? Then, we have something for you in this guide! The new Business Setups need top-notch marketing efficiencies to bring their products into the spotlight. In addition, newbies need to take advantage of various marketing funnels to gain the most audience response.

Let’s face it, without a credible source of new leads for your product; your business is broken-down. It can’t get consistent customer growth! Hence, here comes the importance of the Lead Generation strategies and ideas that are incredibly crucial for the future development of your company.

Now, the question is: What are those ideas and strategies of Lead Generation? How do you do that?

In today’s guide, we will dig deeper into the best Lead Generation strategies for the new business startups. We will also give you a piece of brief information about lead generation to grow your audience base. Let’s get started!

What is known as Lead Generation?

A lead could be anyone who shows inquisitiveness about your service or product. For example, if your business operates a marketing campaign for a specific product to reach, and someone from a similar sector calls you to inquire about the product, this is a lead.

Hence, the entire process of gathering maximum leads becomes Lead Generation, where the first step is to reach a sales target. But it’s not an automatic process! Converting a lead into a full-time customer is an exclusive one with miscellaneous phases. Nevertheless, it’s a method to assist people in fulfilling their funnel with leads.

Understood, right? Superb! We will see the top 5 Lead Generation strategies to fill your funnel with the potential customers.

5 Absolute Lead Generation Strategies for your New Business Setups

The best-in-class Lead Generation strategies and tactics that work miraculously in today’s world are the following:

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

The pay-per-click campaigns are the best strategy for the new Business Setup. This is how the startups can produce maximum leads by running their marketing campaigns in various locations. Here, the best-targeted business keywords are used, and the cost-per-click can be altered based on the location.

Moreover, Facebook Ads are the best method to bring leads while interconnected with the business blog or website. Here comes the importance of SSL certificates! Do you know its importance in lead generation?

Besides the PPC campaign, the search engines prioritize the SSL-encrypted websites more than the non-secured ones! By having an ideal SSL like a single domain or wildcards like RapidSSL wildcard, Thawte wildcard SSL, or DigiCert wildcard SSL on your new business website, customers will get a sense of trust. So, when they believe in your site, they will fill out a form, do business with you, and become strong leads.

Insanely High-Quality Blog Content

The new Business Setups generally don’t have the enormous budget to spend on marketing or advertising their products. But with great content marketing, they can craft top-notch blog content, making sure that it helps traffic flock to their site and lets them create more inbound sales leads.

A blog aids you in providing raw materials to enlighten your customer concerning your service or product. They act as the leading backbone of the startup website and are the best-in-class Lead Generation source. But, posting blogs only will not get you leads; you have to do internal and external linking. The content and links must always be relevant as these are the parameters that Google considers while ranking your website.

Make Website Landing Pages Clear and Effortless To Take Action On

A DIY video studio setup is a highly converting landing page idea. It doesn’t need the user to go through maximum information, such as a whole copy page or a 3-minute video. Therefore, it surpasses a free report as many people get stuck by the overloaded information and never want to skim through a longer content.

The video lead magnets have endured an image issue recently due to lack of time and escalation of launches. Hence, this website landing page was a desirable performer. It helps people who truly want to know which tools other businesses are using and what meets their desires. Such type of Lead Generation landing pages can be established by anyone, which is worth it!

Retarget Marketing

Retarget marketing is incredible and allows your new business set up to tag site visitors. The advertisements follow vagabond visitors to your site after their first visit. Such type of marketing strategy works by the code positioned on your site, and these are associated with cookies that pay a quick visit to your site.

Whenever the visitors surf the internet elsewhere, your cookie initiates the ads. Therefore, it will be demonstrated on the current website opened in their system. By placing your product in front of the wanderer visitors, you magnify your likelihood of making them potent lead and prospective customers.

The prospects who weren’t agreed before might get persuaded to purchase if the brand remains in their mind. In brief, it’s the most proactive Lead Generation strategy you can use for your new business setup.

Leverage Niche Online Communities

Every niche possesses a vigorously driven online community, which can be used for Lead Generation and relationship-building. The strong communities, such as Hacker News, Product Hunt, and Indie Hackers, could be insightful destinations for sniffing out targeted prospects who’ve manifested an interest in similar products as what you’ve to offer by liking, upvoting, or commenting on competitor’s product.

Every Product Hunt member must possess their website link on their bio, making it easier to get in touch. However, this Lead Generation technique is merely scalable at the granular level. You can outsource the legwork by recruiting a budget-friendly VA to visit the user’s profile who upvoted an opponent’s product.

Also, creating a spreadsheet with pertinent contact details will be more helpful to get started with targeted outreach. This is an offline Lead Generation idea for the new Business Setup as not every effort has to be driven by online campaigns.


Lead generation is to be worked on for your new business establishment and growth. Apart from the above-mentioned 5 ways, countless strategies for Lead Generation are available. All the strategies mentioned above are considered the best to give you astonishing results.

However, do you have any suggestions that work amazingly for obtaining more leads? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, do follow SSL2Buy and get the cheapest SSL certificates for your website.


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