Krishen Iyer on the Importance of Testing in Marketing

Krishen Iyer understands how important it is to run marketing tests as an experienced marketer and business owner. He feels so strongly about testing that he calls it the most powerful tool a marketer has. Despite this, too few companies invest the time and resources in it that they should. Most clients who seek marketing help from Iyer’s business, MAIS Consulting, underutilize and misunderstand testing as a tool.

Another common mistake Krishen Iyer sees his clients make is that they limit their marketing testing to the tactical level. He works with them to demonstrate how they can achieve better results by expanding their testing to the strategic level. Employing both strategies drives continued growth that remains predictable over time.

No marketing team can predict with 100 percent accuracy which version of a website or product consumers will favor. However, marketers need to go beyond standard A/B testing to reach or exceed company revenue goals.

Why Do So Many Marketing Teams Misunderstand the Purpose and Methods of Testing?

Marketers often do not have the time to learn the complexities of testing or teach it to newer staff members. Those who desire to learn more about conducting testing tend to turn to blogs and videos on the Internet. While there is nothing wrong with that, these sources may not always impart accurate information.

Some information available online suggests that testing in marketing involves little more than comparing different colors of the same product. However, effective marketing testing is much more complex than that. The first advice Krishen Iyer gives clients is to decide what to test and determine how to interpret the results. Marketers must follow the same steps to interpret all results or their findings will not be accurate.

Working within a budget when setting up testing can present a challenge. The process can be expensive, and marketing teams need to make intentional decisions to maximize efficiency and minimize cost. Iyer typically advises his clients to prioritize their marketing tests. They should choose those that will produce the best results in the least amount of time.

Krishen Iyer sees test-driven marketing as a trend that is growing now and will become standard practice in the future. He also knows that it is a mistake to consider only the results of a marketing campaign. A better question to ask is what does and does not work for each specific product or campaign.

Insights Are More Important Than Results

Knowing what works is a type of deep insight that allows marketing teams to sharpen their focus moving forward. On the other hand, results are the natural byproduct of a marketing campaign executed well. Considering what worked well and what failed to produce results drive long-term improvements. Marketing teams can use these insights across a wide spectrum of activities. The critical importance of choosing what to test becomes obvious when it uncovers valuable information that impacts future marketing practices.

Krishen Iyer on How Marketing Teams Can Effectively Set Themes

Determining the strategic assumptions that a marketing team faces is essential to building the most efficient plan for testing. Taking this big-picture approach ensures that companies avoid the mistake of focusing on small details that do not really matter. Rather than run several unrelated marketing tests, Iyer tells his clients to select themes at the start of testing.

Krishen Iyer has witnessed clients achieve marketing success by choosing themes that validate or change their overall strategy and implementation. He views selecting themes before jumping into the testing process as one of the greatest benefits of test-driven marketing. This practice offers the agility that marketing teams need to move forward with the rest of the testing.

Iyer has also seen client companies fail when leadership refuses to adopt a test-first mentality. Some companies can be slow to embrace change and end up losing business to competitors because of it.

Iyer acknowledges that a test-first culture differs significantly from the current traditional approach to marketing. Companies that follow traditional marketing practices typically plan, execute, and then test. He knows that testing must come first for clients to gain the greatest insights and implement changes.

About Krishen Iyer

Krishen Iyer founded and currently operates MAIS Consulting as the company’s CEO. He graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Public Administration. He has spent most of his career pursuing successful entrepreneurial endeavors since then.

Iyer worked for an employer in the insurance industry for a short time after college. He took what he learned from school and work experience and launched his first company, Name My Premium (NMP) Insurance. NMP helps clients generate leads for their insurance businesses. The second company Iyer launched was Managed Benefit Service (MBS), a marketing firm and licensed insurance agency.

Krishen Iyer led both NMP and MBS to significant success before he decided to open MAIS Consulting. His current company helps struggling business owners improve their marketing, contracting, company policies, and strategic growth. He loves the challenge and satisfaction of working with clients who were on the verge of closing their businesses. He often visits these companies a few months later to find them thriving.


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