Know the Planning for a Full Holiday at France

June 10, 2022

A day of golf in the dazzling French sunshine is one of the most soothing pastimes available.

Make your way through 18 holes on a lush green course before heading to the 19th for a bite to eat and a drink of local wine.

There is a French golf course to suit your skill level, whether you are a complete beginner or have a handicap of +6.

Making preparations for your vacation

Because most golf courses have a certain level of reputation, it’s fair that you can’t just show up and expect to be able to play right away.

Several clubs and courses allow non-members to play, including all of the ones included in this guide; however, these clubs often offer member-only days regularly.

It’s always a good idea to call ahead and schedule your round.

When visiting the more popular clubs, do it as soon as possible, especially if visiting during the high summer season.

Most golf courses have an adjacent hotel, but the quality might vary, so do your research and shop around for lodging.

Selecting a course

One of the many pleasures of golfing in France is the sheer variety; from the coast to the outskirts of Paris, you can expect stunning scenery and fantastic weather to compliment your game.

Fees are often lower than in England, and classes are frequently quiet, allowing you to relax and take your time.

Here are a couple of France’s best golf courses.

What to bring

You’ll probably want a nice full bag of clubs to be prepared for any circumstance (don’t get too smug and leave the sand wedge at home). France offers over 500 courses with a vast range of terrain and hole lengths, so you’ll probably want a nice full bag of clubs to be prepared for any situation.

The bulk of these courses are immaculately kept, and most clubs will require you to present yourself in the same manner.

When it comes to apparel, you’ll need at least:

  • Trousers with style (not jeans)
  • For men, a casual shirt (not a T-shirt), and for women, a top that covers the shoulders (not strapped).
  • Golf shoes that are appropriate
  • Dress for the clubhouse in the evening (including a jacket and a tie for men)
  • Summer Bermuda shorts (these are being accepted by an increasing number of golf clubs in recent years)

Don’t only dress the part; act the part as well; on the courses, polite behavior is expected, so remember to respect common courtesy, such as allowing smaller or speedier groups to play past.

Le Golf National

We also offer a guide to the most outstanding golf courses in Northern France, including Aa Golf de Saint-Omer and Golf d’Hardelot, and the courses listed here.

Take a look at our list of the top courses in France.

The National Golf Club is a private club in the United Kingdom

The Albatros course at Le Golf National in France is an 18-hole golf course in Paris.

It was built to host the French Tournament, continental Europe’s oldest national open, which it does every year, and was designed by architects Hubert Chesneau and Robert Von Hagge.

If you want to go sightseeing, the course is located in Guyancourt, southwest of central Paris. It’s also close to Versailles (between games, of course).

Le Touquet (La Mer)

Le Touquet Golf Resort, located on northern France’s breathtaking Opal Coast, provides three courses with various tee placements to suit players of all handicaps. The French Open has been held six times at La Mer, France’s number one links-style golf course. It was built in 1931 and is particularly difficult because of the strong winds.

The 1,000-hectare La Forêt course is surrounded by lovely pines, oaks, and poplars. Created

Le Golf National is defined as a firm but a fair course that received new drainage and irrigation systems in 2016 as part of the course’s continuing, meticulous upkeep and in preparation for the Ryder Cup that year.

Touquet is a French word that means “flower” (La Mer).


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