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These days, most teenagers and young adults care about how their bedroom, home office, or living space in general looks like aesthetically. To increase the room’s ambiance or just make the area look and feel more comfortable, individuals tend to add LED lights as a home decoration. While there are countless brands out there that sell LED strip lights, one brand that stands out from others is Jadisi, which has an online store via Amazon.

In this review, we’ll lay down everything you can expect out of Jadisi’s LED lights, ultimately helping you decide whether you should purchase this particular product and brand.

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What Are LED Lights?

For a little background information, Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lights are a type of light source that most people want to go for because they’re able to produce up to 90% more light than your regular incandescent light bulbs. Another reason why LED lights are so great is that, unlike other types, LEDs usually don’t fail in the long run or “burn out.” Instead, it experiences something we call “lumen depreciation,” which means that the light’s brightness decreases over time and becomes dimmer and dimmer.

What Features Do Jadisi’s LED Lights Have?

Now that you know what LED lights are, what makes Jadisi’s strip lights better than others? Here are some of the features that you can expect if you purchase from this brand. Given the different features and benefits available, it’s easy to see why it’s one of the best in the market.

Cuttable and Linkable

Believe it or not, but you can easily cut Jadisi LED strip lights in case there’s more than you actually need. Not only that, but you can also link up the two tips of the strip so that they become one seamless strip. Jadisi has cut marks to help guide you, which can usually be found every three LEDs.

Smart Music Mode

The LED lights have a remote that can control the different colors that shine bright. What makes this product so technologically advanced is that it also has an app for your smartphone, allowing you to control things from there as well. Not only that, but Jadisi’s LED lights have a smart music mode that seamlessly syncs with any type of music that may be playing.

If you’re aiming for a romantic atmosphere or something more cheerful for a party, the strip lights can adjust themselves to fit the mood.

Timing Function

Depending on where you place the strip lights, you have the option to adjust the brightness levels of the RGB to suit the vibe of the room. These strip lights also allow you to preset a particular time so that they can automatically turn on and off. Plus, it has a variety of color options as well as 28 dynamic modes, so you can really customize everything depending on your wants or needs.

Easy Installation

When you order Jadisi’s LED lights, you’ll also receive a light strip kit that contains two rolls of 32.8ft LED strips. The kit also comes with a controller, remote control, as well as an AC power adaptor. Note that these lights aren’t waterproof, so be careful where you put them.

5050 LEDs

Jadisi’s LED lights are ultra-bright and the RGB lights are vivid as they can be. Without a doubt, these light strips will be able to illuminate every corner of the room you place them in.

How to Install LED Strip Lights

Clean the Surface and Ensure It’s Dry

Before placing the LED lights onto the wall or on any surface you want them on, make sure to clean the surface first and then wipe it completely dry. This is a very important step you need to do if you want the lights to stay put for a long time. Plus, make sure the surface you’re mounting the lights on is smooth because it won’t last as long on rough or textured surfaces.

Unroll the LED Lights

When you receive the LED lights, they’ll come spooled or rolled for convenience. Once the surface is clean and ready for mounting, you can easily unroll the strip lights and then remove the adhesive on the back. Press the strip down on the surface to ensure that they’re firmly stuck there.

If you’re not confident in how strongly the strips adhere to the surface, you can use fixing clips or any similar products to strengthen the strip’s hold on the surface.

Connect the Strip Lights to a Power Source

Once you’re sure that the lights are firmly in place, go ahead and attach them to both the controller and power adapter. Then, connect the adapter to a power source and watch the light strips shine bright. You can use the remote to change the lights to different colors.

How to Cut LED Light Strips

As mentioned, the LED strips have a cutting guide you can follow to ensure that you’re snipping at the right place. Make sure that the cuts you make are straight and not wobbly—just follow the sections carefully and you shouldn’t experience any issues. If you cut in a section of the strip that doesn’t have the cutting mark, you could end up damaging the product completely.

How to Connect Them Together

Connecting the strips together is just as easy as cutting them off. In order to link the two cut strips together, you need to use a connector clip. Once you have this, all you have to do is put the strip’s end into the clip. Using these connector clips, you can form a seamless line of LED lights—even if there are any uneven surfaces or corners that would usually be an obstacle.


Jadisi’s LED light strips is definitely one of the best ones out there, and it has various features that you don’t want to miss out on. If you’re looking to amp up the ambiance of your room or make it more atmospheric and aesthetically pleasing, then you should definitely consider buying some strip lights and mounting them on your wall or on any smooth surface.


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