iTop Private Browser: Best Browser for Privacy in 2022 with Built-in VPN

March 18, 2022

iTop Private Browser is a fast, secure, and private Windows browser and it provides the safest environment for online browsing. It can protect your online privacy with anti-tracking, fingerprints protection, ad-block, and built-in VPN features.

Internet Security Features

iTop Private Browser allows each user to surf the web in complete privacy. It prevents hackers from tracking your online activities, prevents passwords from being stolen by cybercriminals, and prevents online scams.

Anti-Tracking online

The browser can hide your identity info to prevent any website or program from tracking you, collecting, and sharing your data for business purposes. It can automatically clean your private information online all the time.

Block phishing websites

The browser can block malicious websites to access your data and block potential online threats. It always identifies and stops harmful URLs with an updated database and built-in phishing protection.

Block browser ads

iTop Private Browser also acts as an ad-blocking browser that it blocks ads, pop-ups. It can keep you uninterrupted when you are surfing and create a cleaner surfing environment. You can whitelist websites some specific websites as a personal need.

Auto clean up traces

When you stop surfing the Internet in iTop Private Browser,  you don’t need to delete the history and cookies manually. The browser automatically deletes browsing history, search history, cookies, cache, etc. to avoid privacy leaks.

Protect the Digital Fingerprints

Digital Fingerprints are the information collected about you to identify you and cannot be deleted easily. iTop Private Browser uses fingerprint protection to prevent fingerprints by hiding your online identity.

Faster Internet speed

The iTop Private Browser optimizes the network solution and greatly speeds up the Internet connection speed to a max of 10x. You can browse, watch and download website content more easily. Page load times are also greatly improved as annoying ads are already blocked.

Built-in VPN service

iTop Private Browser is more than a web browser. It has a built-in VPN that it hides your real IP address, bypasses geo-restrictions, and unblocks restricted websites and apps. The VPN offers more free servers and locations to choose from than other private browsers in the market.

Free built-in VPN

iTop Private Browser is a free VPN browser that takes full advantage of virtual private networks to encrypt data, bypass surveillance, and defend against any online threats.

Unblock websites and apps

The browser can access restricted content anywhere and especially to unblock Netflix, PUBG, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It can bypass geo-blocking and other restrictions with one click.

Hide the real IP

iTop Private Browser uses the built-in VPN to hide your real location and protect your online privacy. It can hide IP addresses and connect to the virtual IP addresses to browse anonymously.

No log privacy

iTop Private Browser never records your activities and collects your information, including the browsing history, username/password, or more. Nothing will be displayed online or collected.


iTop Private Browser is the best browser for privacy that helps you browse any content privately and anonymously. You will never worry about online threats and private data loss no matter you surf the net, use apps, or pay online. Its built-in VPN service can also hide your real IP address and unblock content easily.


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